Wednesday, 6 March 2013


On Sunday we all went to Hyde swimming baths. It is somewhere we haven't been before, as it is about 45 minutes from us, but had been recommended to me by two different people.
It has a water slide, a rapids, water blasters and A wave machine that comes on every half hour.
When we got there it was really busy and it took us about 10 minutes to find a changing room for us all to get ready. One big bonus was that there were parent and child lockers that were big enough for all four of us, coats and all!
The water was pretty warmish so it wasn't too painful getting in!
Ben was desperate to go on the water slide but unfortunately he wasn't tall enough. Megan didn't want to go on it! The big hit were the rapids which were great for floating round and brilliant when the wave machine came on! Both Megan and Ben had great fun in here and particularly liked going under the mini waterfalls! They both had their goggles so they didn't get too splashed, which was a good job as the water was very chlorinated.
We were in the water for about an hour and fifteen minutes after which Bens lips were turning purple and he said, "I've had enough mum!" This was our cue to get out and warm up in the shower! Luckily we managed to find a couple of changing rooms so we had plenty of room to get dressed.
We finished off with an ice lolly for Megan and Ben before we left with two very tired children!

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