Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Chill Factore Meeting Santa!

A couple of weeks ago we were invited to meet Santaat the Chill Factore whilst enjoying a play in the snow too! How could we refuse???

When we arrived we changed into our snow wear, which you hire at the Chill Factore and got ourselves into the queue to meet Santa. The queue was well organised and had books, tables and seats for little bottoms to have a rest during busier times. Martin and Ben had a chance to sit and read together while we were waiting.
When it was our turn we were led down a snowy walkway, decorated with festive trees which felt very magical.
We knocked on the door and entered the sweetest little room, decked out with a fireplace, cards, presents and the jolliest Santa.
He spent a lot of time talking to Megan and Ben, asking them about themselves and whether they had been good this year and gift they would like him to bring on Christmas Eve.
He asked them to leave out carrots  for the reindeer and a little something for him.
Both Megan and Ben were very captivated by him and he was so jolly and friendly that the magic felt very real.
We were then able to take a few pics with Santa.

Once we came out of there we went for a play in the snow.
The Chill Factore is split into different sections. There is a part for very young children which has an ice maze in crawl through and a slide to climb. There are also mini donuts to slide around on. We had a little play here then ventured round to the bigger donuts and the sledging. Ben and Martin went on the donuts together then we all had a few turns on the sledging. Although it was the run up to Christmas and a Sunday afternoon it wasn't overly crowded and queuing didn't take long for anything.
After the inevitable snowball fight we left after about an hour. That was plenty of time for us to do all we wanted and didn't get too cold during that time.

If you are looking for a special treat in the run up for Christmas this could be it!
We would definitely recommend you visit to meet Santa!

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Ben's 6th Birthday

A very late post but I just wanted to share a couple of pictures from Bens 6th Birthday!!

My boy is 6, and getting so very grown up.

Fab Lab Hair Highlights

Recently we were sent the Hair Highlights kit from Fab Lab to have a play with and see what we thought.
Megan was very excited when she realised we would be experimenting on her hair!
When we opened it up to have a look the instructions were really easy to understand.

The highlighter is coloured powder so nothing that is going to be permanent and will be easy to wash out.

The idea is to slip the hair in thin strips between the highlighter pad and just pull gently down to colour the hair. Simple!!

After putting an old towel around Megan's shoulders to protect her clothes we had a go!

We decided to use different colours to create a wave effect of different colours through her hair.

The powder was very easy to apply. It takes a bit of time as you are using small sections of hair at a time.
Only a bit of powder came out of the pads onto the towel. I was really surprised as I thought it would be messier than it was.

The hair coloured quite quickly. Megs hair is a dark blond colour and the colours altered easily.

All in all it took us about half an hour to do, which wasn't too long for an older child to sit.
Obviously if hair was shorter it would be quicker as there wouldn't be as much hair to colour.

I would certainly recommend this as a Christmas pressie for those girls you know who love messing around with their hair and different hair styles.

Friday, 31 July 2015

Goldie Blox and the Parade Float Review

We were really excited to get Goldie Blox and the Parade Float to have a play with and try out.
I haven't come across these before but they are great fun. The idea is to read the story together and as you do you can build the princess float that is needed. The book and all the 'bits' required are included so no hunting for glue or scissors to complete it. This alone is a fab idea!
Megs and I took turns to read a page each and then Megs and Ben worked together to build each part. It was really simple to do. Each instruction is clear and simple and shows which parts are needed.
Ben particularly enjoyed putting it together and as it is aimed at 4 to 9 year olds he could do it pretty much by himself. His only request was 'there aren't any boys' which is true but as I explained to him building and parades are for everyone.

At the end of the story there are other things that can be made using exactly the same materials which Ben had a go at and was very pleased with himself that he could do it.
We would definitely recommend this for anyone who is practical and creative and likes building things.
Ben is already asking to get another one!!!

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Last weekend we were invited along to the Chill Factore to try out the new Mini Moose's Arctic Adventure Playground.
As always a visit to here caused great excitement as it is somewhere we all love.
When we arrived we were appropriately suited and booted before we entered. The maze inside is a new addition to the snow play area. It is made up of little tunnels, and icy walls where little ones can run and hide and pop out again. Ben loved it and got stuck in hiding and jumping! He said the little tunnels were so slippy that you have to run really slowly!! This kept him entertained for quite a while and then he had a go on the other bits in the snow play area.
Mr W and Ben had great fun building the igloo out of shapes and hiding inside!
The little climbing frame is just right for small people as it gives them a chance to explore and climb without being too high.
The Chill Factore was quite busy when we were there, possibly because it was a warm day and everyone wanted to cool off but there was plenty of room for everyone to play.
The new maze is going to be a fantastic addition that little ones are going to want to play in. It gives them the right mix of fun and excitement to enjoy a visit to the Chill Factore!!

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Megan's 10th Birthday

My gorgeous girl turned 10 last week. Unbelievable.
Unbelievable that I have a 10 year old.
She is growing up so fast now, but in some ways she is still my little girl.
Megan is a real mixed bag. She is truly herself when she is at home, relaxed, loud, carefree, loving, my best buddy and fantastic helper. With her friends, she is different, more reserved, quieter, doesn't want to let herself go as much....except with O.
Megs and O have been best friends since the day dot. Well, ever since me and Suzanne gave birth to the girls 32 hours apart!
The two of them are so close, which is lovely, especially since they go to different schools. They are giggly, funny and love sharing their secrets. When we all go camping, they are glued together for the whole week. Just lovely.
Anyway for her 10th birthday, Megs had a swimming party with a lovely mix of girl and boy friends mainly from school.
It was fab, there was an inflatable pirate ship that had a slide too.
We then had pizza, garlic bread, sandwiches, crisps, biscuits and other party nibbles. And not forgetting the birthday cake!! Great fun!!!

On Megs actual birthday, on her request, we went with Nana, Grandad, Auntie Laura, Uncle Darren, Jack and Grace to the Red Hot Buffet for tea. That was very tasty and they made a real fuss of her birthday, the whole restaurant sang Happy Birthday to her!!!

The presents of choice this year were a mix of Lego Friends, clothes, and books!!

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Half Term Mayhem

Half term is rapidly rushing to an end and I for one have completely enjoyed it.
It has been busy, Megs and I have both had colds. I also had a migraine on wed too but we have had lots of fun.
Monday saw us heading off to Wrexham to visit Lynne, Helen and the girls. Always good fun and very relaxing. Lynne is one of my very special friends. We have the type of relationship where we can not speak for months and then pick up the phone as though we spoke just 10 mins ago. The very best kind of friend to have.
We spent a lovely afternoon having lunch. Megs and Ben had a great time with Lynnes girls, Amy and Bethan. Lots of laughter and giggling! We then went to the ice cream farm for hot chocolate, mini golf, go karts, panning for gold and playing. A really lovely catch up.
On Tuesday we headed off to Heaton Park with Suzanne and the kiddy winks. A cold sunny picnic and scooting around summed up the day, with a play on the park and ice cream thrown in for good measure! And that evening we had pancakes too!
Wednesday arrived and I woke up with a migraine. No wallowing in bed though as Jack and Grace were coming today. We went out late morning with another friend and her two girls to Tatton Park which is somewhere I haven't been for ages. Armed with painkillers and fresh air I managed to cope and by mid afternoon my head was feeling quite a bit better. The kids loved the park at Tatton. It is wooden and has zip wires so it's a bit more daring! After lunch we had a wander, the kids scared the living daylights out of some 'rare breed' sheep ( think the kids thought they were sheep dogs!!!) And we had great fun exploring rabbit holes with sticks!
On Wednesday evening I had a date with Mr Grey (and the girls!), which I thoroughly enjoyed!!!
Thursday I had my hair cut, lunch at mums and then went to get new school shoes, school trousers and tights for the kids. Mum had Grace and they came too and treated the kids to new clothes, much to Megs delight!!!
On Friday we went with mum, Laura and her two to Gullivers World . Another freezing, but dry day. Ben was amazing and went on everything!! Jack was very impressed with him. He even went on the rickety wooden roller coaster that I hated, but he loved! My little man is growing up too fast. Megs looked after Grace and went on a few rides with her. We had another picnic and hot drinks to warm us up after!!!
Megs went to watch the gang show when we got back and I went out with the girls for a few cocktails and a Greek meal for Suzannes birthday.
Megs went to a birthday party on Saturday so Ben and I baked some cakes. And today, Sunday, we are going to finish off homework, read reading books and pack school bags ready for tomorrow. Bath night and early nights tonight!
Phew, we didn't stop this week, we certainly packed loads in but had great fun and made more happy memories.