Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Busy Times

The start of September is always such a busy time for us.

Ben turned 5 on the first of September!!! He was so excited this year as he got to have his first real birthday party.
He had a fancy dress party, with lots of his little friends, both from school and outside. It was held in a scout hut and the lady who organised it ran the whole party!!! Bonus!!! The only thing I had to remember was the birthday boy and the cake!

Ben had asked for roller boots and has spent the last few weeks perfecting his skating skills!

Two days later it was my birthday. I was 38 this year and it felt very odd. I can't believe I am heading rapidly to 40 now and I am having trouble accepting that. I don't want to be in my late 30's! 

My birthday was also the first day back to school, and Bens first day in reception.
Both children were excited to be in new classes and neither Ben nor I cried so I would class that as a successful first day!

The building work in the house finished last week after 9 weeks too. The loft looks amazing, and will be a fabulous new bedroom for Megan. Ben has got a brilliant den under the new stairs, leading off his bedroom which will have a light in soon.

All the work we had done is fantastic. As well as the loft and new stairs, every room has had work done in it. Ben's room has a new wall, new ceiling and den. The bathroom has a gorgeous white suite, stunning lights and new airing cupboard. Our room has a new ceiling and light. Downstairs we have a new wall and new ceiling. It is all lovely, but now comes the fun part of decorating. Mr W is currently tiling the bathroom which will look amazing when it is done. He is also building a massive shed off the side of the house which we will use as storage and space for our trailer too. Really looking forward to that being completed as the house is just full of stuff needing to be stored. All our camping stuff, two suitcases and a new bed we bought off eBay for Ben last week are currently residing in the living room, never mind the boxes of clothes, bedding and towels all over the place!

It will be worth the mess to get everyone in their own newly decorated bedrooms at some point. Megan asked whether she would be in her room by Christmas. I replied, "we'll see!"

On our initial renovation plans we have included a downstairs extension, which we are planning on having done two years from now. I joked to Mr W that I would be amazed if everywhere was decorated before that!!! And to be honest I will be!!!!

So a busy and exciting start to our Autumn......