365 Photos 2013

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I am taking part in the 365 photo challenge for 2013, linking in with The Boy And Me.
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I will add pictures each week.

Week 35

Day 237
We had a fabulous day on the beach at Dyffryn. The sun was shining and we were with lovely friends.
Day 238
Chippy tea to end our holiday! You can't beat it!!!
Day 239
And our second camping trip to the Solway Coast!
Day 240
Fun at the fair!
Day 241
On our site there was a farm and you could go on the miniature train around it! Great fun! 
Day 242
Too very sleepy children who slept in on our last morning so Mr W and I were creeping around packing up the tent.
Day 243
Pressies all ready for my boy on his forth birthday!
Week 33

Day 223
Ben went to Nanas and had a lovely time, baking biscuits and picking me some beautiful flowers.
Day 224
We went to MOSI for the day. Ben enjoyed all the levers, pulling and pushing to see what happened.
We have been to MOSI before and always have a great time.

Day 225
We went to the aquatics centre for a swim and the kids had a whale of a time!

Day 226
We had dressing up fun with witches, scooby doo, red devils and lots more!
Day 227
Megan has been brilliant at entertaining Grace. She is so good with her, plays with her and looks after her so well.She sent ages blowing bubbles for her this week.

Day 228
My little computer whizz!

Day 229
We went to visit our lovely friends in Wales. The kids all played so well and sent a lot of time outside.
I snapped this pic through the window as Lynne and I were guzzling wine in the kitchen!
Week 32

Day 216
Manchester Sky Ride
Mr W, Megan and Jack went on the sky ride and had a brilliant time.
Hopefully Ben and I can do it next year when he is a bit bigger.

Day 217
Spiderman in Asda!

Day 218
We went to Knowsley Safari Park for the Jungle Dogs launch and Megan and Ben gt these fab kangaroo onesies!

Day 219
Ben and Jack playing on 'Just Dance!'

Day 220
We had a game of the Nutty Squirrel game that is still one of favourite games!

Day 221
A bit blurry.
A pic of us going to visit Grandad, who is still in hospital. He is on the mend now, but it is going to a long haul to get him back on his feet (literally).
The children hadn't seen him for two weeks and were really missing him so I think they enjoyed this visit.
Hopefully he will be moved to a more local hospital soon so we don't have to keep driving 45 mins each way every day to see him.

Day 222
My helper hanging out the washing.
365 Project

Week 30

I have abandoned the prompts for July as I was really struggling this week to find pictures that were suitable for each prompt.

Day 202
My gorgeous boy, striking a pose!

Day 203
Tree climbing!

Day 204
We have walked to the park a few times this week and on one of the trips we walked through the woods and saw this fabulous den that someone had made! The kids were fascinated with it! How cool is that??!! It had log seats and everything!
Day 205
We had a wander down behind our house after tea to see the horses and try and feed them some carrots, but they weren't bothered! We were also checking to see how the blackberries were doing as we are going to pick some to make jam when they are ready, probably another couple of weeks.

Day 206
The vary familiar path we take to the park! It is great as Ben can whizz along with his new found speed on his bike, without me worrying about roads.

Day 207
We took full opportunity of the nice weather to squeeze in another visit to a local park with Suzanne, Olivia, Charlie and Molly.

Day 208
Me and my beautiful sister.  Laura was a bridesmaid for her mother in law and we went along to the evening reception.
Everyone looked fab. The girls all looked beautiful and the men were very smart!

Week 29

For the month of July The Boy and Me suggested using these prompts.

Day 195
Roast Beef Sunday Dinner
Day 196
Outside The Window
There is nothing nicer than having tea outside in the sunshine!

Day 197
One of my weaknesses, I drink far too much of this.

Day 198
My Megs is a true star and I picked her today as my inspirational photo because this week she has gone off on Brownie camp, and much as she has been really looking forward to it, she has also been really worried about being away from home, and especially me for 4 nights. 4 nights! We have had tears and she has really been over thinking the whole thing, but I am really hoping she is having a fab time, I'm sure she will be as I know what they will be getting up it and it is right up Megan's street!

Day 199
Need I say more??!!

Day 200
Megan and Ben's relationship is building and building. They do spend a lot of time bickering and driving me mad, but they are beginning to listen to each other more and take on board each others opinions. Long may it continue.

Day 201
What else can you do when it is hot, but enjoy a BBQ?
(I must confess this was taken earlier in the week, but I wanted to use it because we took Megan to Brownie camp today and as I was highly emotional I forgot to take a picture,)

Week 28

For the month of July The Boy and Me suggested using these prompts.

Day 188
Where You Are
I was on Formby Beach!

Day 189
This is the path that runs down the side of our house that we wander up and down about twenty times a day, with bikes, scooters and balls!

Day 190
3 Things
I know this is more than three tings, but I wanted to highlight the three things that Megan and Ben are enjoying at the moment - the trampoline, the paddling pool and their bikes.

Day 191
The two slides on the climbing frame that are so smooth and slippy - probably from being used so much!

Day 192
I Wore This!
My very well worn flip flops that haven't been off my feet for days!

Day 193
A Bad Habit
Need I say more!?!
Day 194
4 O' Clock
At 4 O' Clock my little man was alternating between cooling off in the paddling pool and climbing on the climbing frame, whilst the BBQ was heating up for tea!

Week 27

For the month of July The Boy and Me suggested using these prompts.

Day 181
We got a trampoline!!! Megan could not be more pleased and both of them have hardly been off it all week!
Day 182 
Happiness is......
Happiness is eating fruit salad and watching Scooby Doo whilst cuddling up under a blanket.

Day 183
My new boots that I got in the sale and I am saving for the winter. Bargain too, £10!

Day 184
Today's pic is the opposite of cold as it was so warm at bedtime that Megs was  chilling out with her tablet to try and cool down.
Day 185
Red, white or blue
Totally worn out after being up coughing a lot in the night, so having 40 winks
Day 186
Sibling love...need I say more.
Day 187
Favourite smell
One of my favourite smells is a BBQ. It brings back memories of a hot, summer, childhood.

Week 26

Days 174 - 180

Week 25

Day 167
We went to Sale Festival at Worthington Park with Laura, Jack and Grace.
It was great fun, loads of stalls and rides and bouncy castles.

Day 168
I went  with the class on a trip to Knowsley Safari Park and  we saw loads of animals, including this gorgeous giraffe.
Day 169
One of my lovely plants in the garden, flowering beautifully.

Day 170
At the new Sealife Centre at the Trafford Centre.
You can read about that here.

Day 171
Megan and a tired Grace.

Day 172
Ben was calling me and I couldn't see him until I spotted his legs!

Day 173
This was the scene that greeted me when I got out of bed! Ben had made a trail of books!

Week 24

Day 160

We ended our fantastic holiday week with a BBQ at our friends Fran and Al, with Alison and Darren. The kids had a great time and so did we! The sun was shining (completely disappeared now) and they had laid on a brilliant spread. The Pimms went down very well!
Day 161

I was sent this card a couple of weeks ago by my sponsor Jocelyn to celebrate my new business. I am now a Phoenix trader! If you haven't heard of Phoenix then have a look here and if you fancy looking through a brochure at all their gorgeous products, from cards for all occasions, to wrapping paper and lots more, then let me know and I can send you one.

Day 162

I bought this lovely set of drawers from Dunelm Mill to keep all my Phoenix bits in. It was a real bargain, as it should of been £45 but I got it for £15, due to it having a few marks on it!
Day 163

Ben was showing Grace how to put the pieces in the jigsaw.

Day 164

STILL got a bit of unpacking to do from our holiday! It's never ending!

Day 165

Jake deciding whose knee to jump on!

Day 166

Megan and Ben all kitted out and ready for fun at the Chill Factor e. We had a great time and Megan tried lots of new things so I was very proud of her for being brave and having a go. Ben and I enjoyed the snow play and the small slide and the new carousel. Fantastic fun!

Week 23

We have been on our jollies this week so it has been really hard to pick just one picture from each day!
I will be blogging in more detail about what we got up to over the next week or so. But can I just say, look at the sunshine in EVERY picture! We have just had the best weather ever and as every camper will know, when you have got the weather, camping is just the BEST!!!

Day 153
Tenby harbour!
Mr W, Stu, Megs, Ben, Charlie and Molly.

Day 154
Picnic time ended with a relaxing cucumber eye mask!

Day 155
Me and my girl on the big wheel at Folly Farm.

Day 156
Ben enjoying a lolly on Tenby beach!

Day 157
Megs and Liv testing the waves at Saundersfoot beach.

Day 158
Our tent, beginning to kook very messy!

Day 159
Megan and Ben with Amy and Bethan at their party of courage.

Week 22

I am late adding Week 22 as we have been away camping!

Day 146
Grace the Queen!

Day 147
Megan at Lyme Park. You can read about our day out here.

Day 148
Den Making!

Day 149
Getting ready for camping!

Day 150
Swing fun at the fun day.

Day 151
Releasing our butterflies!

Day 152
We have arrived in Tenby. Setting up camp!

Week 21

Day 139

Ben having a readathon of Dora the Explorer!

Day 140

We were all having a game of Diego Animal Safari. It is lovely that we can now all play games together. 

Day 141

I saw this rainbow just before bedtime. Megan saw it too and wanted to go and find the gold at the end of it!

Day 142

We went to mums and tots and Ben had a great time on the trike, whizzing up and down and round and round!

Day 143

Ben had both his individual and class photo taken at playgroup. This is just the proof and isn't a brilliant picture but he just looks so lovely!

Day 144

This is a picture of the caterpillar cocoons that I have been entrusted with and  brought home from school today! They  are due to hatch any moment (no signs yet!) and I feel as apprehensive as when I was ready to give birth!

Day 145

The gorgeous girls posing in Megan's sunglasses. Beautiful.

Week 20

Day 132
Ben was dressing up his otter teddy with hat, socks and underpants!

Day 133
My little Scooby Doo!

Day 134
Megan making cottage pie for tea.

Day 135
Play foam earrings.

Day 136
Playing TOGRTHER with the pirate ship!

Day 137
Getting ready and decorating the house for Megan's First Holy Communion.

Day 138
My beautiful Megan's First holy Communion.

Week 19

Day 125

Chalking in the sun!

Day 126
Train fun with Nana!

Day 127
My busy gardeners!

Day 128

Exhausted in the car, after a bad night.

Day 129
Megan getting a rare stroke with our delinquent bunny, Betsey!

Day 130
Chocolate cereal...It's the little things that make them happy!
Day 131

A walk to the library... in the rain!

Week 18

Day 118

Ben handing out water to the marathon runners!

Day 119

Creative building! Ben loves building with the bricks and creates great models when he puts his mind to it!

Day 120

Lovely pink flowers in the sunshine.

Day 121

Megan and Jack playing on the rope swing TOGETHER and not ARGUING! I had to take a picture of this to show that is does happen...sometimes!

Day 122
Ben was very impressed because we had chocolate pillows for breakfast!  It's the little things!

Day 123

Playing Mario Brothers on the Wii together!

Day 124

A beautiful display of Camilla flowers and a dandelion chain!

Week 17

Day 111

We went out Geocaching and saw this at Sale Water Park. Pretty amazing!

Day 112

This figure of St Paul was carved out of wood and was very impressive!

Day 113

Homemade by Megan and Ben. Chocolate truffles. Delicious!

Day 114

Megan helping Grace down the slide.

Day 115

My beautiful camellia is flowering! Spring is in the air!

Day 116

A fantastic night out to celebrate my friend Kate's 40th Birthday! We went to a take that tribute night, which turned out to be Robbie Williams tribute night! We had a ball, and as an added bonus we stayed there in the hotel! A whole night with the girls! Bliss, although I do feel very tired and a bit worse for wear today!

Day 117

Our beetroot seeds are shooting! More signs of spring!

Week 16

Day 104

Megan and I went out for afternoon tea with Auntie Laura, Nana and Auntie Lynne. We had a lovely time, the place we went to was a home and garden shop and we had a lovely time wandering round, looking at all the things. Megan really enjoyed it and was so grown up. Here she is with Auntie Laura, waiting for afternoon tea.

Day 105

While the weather has been dry, Megan and Ben have been playing in the garden after school this week. I was thinking that Megan may have outgrown this climbing frame this year, but she has just found a new way to play on it. Somersaults!

Day 106

Another way to play on the swing! Ben was loving this and screaming with excitement. When she wants to, Megan is sooo good with him, looking after him and playing with him.
They were on the swing for ages like this and they started to go quite high! All good fun!

Day 107

Playing on the rope swing on the way home from school.

Day 108

Tickle time! Everyone was in hysterics here as Daddy was alternating between tickling Megan then Ben. Always good fun but can often end in tears as someone always gets overexcited!

Day 109

Ben enjoyed the zip wire when we met friends in the park for a play. He was even pushing one of his little friends who got stuck!

Day 110

Megan made a den from the fallen branches and a tree stump! She then had a little rest. It's hard work den building you know!

Week 15

Day 97

Mr W spent most of the day in the garden, mowing weeding and generally tidying up. Here he is wearing Peter's Jacket, which is a jacket we got from Kenya, which has multiple pockets for gardening bits. In fact we found a pair of gardening gloves in a back pocket!! The jacket is named after our driver Peter, who took us on all the safaris and was full of interesting facts. Needless to say, he wore one of these all the time.

Day 98

Ben enjoying a lovely fruit salad with pear, kiwi, banana and satsuma. Seriously this boy eats so much fruit!

Day 99

After school Megan and Ben went for hair cuts. As Ben hates it so much and usually screams the whole way through I bribed him with cake! I told him he could pick a cake off the cake counter as a treat, and it worked! He cried a bit, not too much and got to pick a cake. He picked a chocolate donut and Megan chose this huge strawberry pavlova!

Day 100

Megan found this caterpillar in the garden. She wanted to keep it as a pet but I managed to persuade her that it would be much happier living on a leaf outside!

Day 101

Dr Ben was examining poor Jake again! Thankfully Dr Ben claimed he was 'very well' after being checked over and having his medicine!

Day 102

Ben had his castle and dinosaurs out today and was having a lovely time with the knights defending the castle from the dinosaurs! I think the castle was saved!

Day 103

Megan and Ben got a belated Easter lolly from Nana Enid and they both very kindly shared with Grace.
Megan always looks out for Grace and mothers her, but recently Ben has been very attentive and hands on, ready to help her out when needed. Long may it last!

Week 14

Day 90

Easter Sunday. We had some family round for Easter lunch and a celebration for Megan's 8th birthday. Nana gave Megan his gorgeous turquoise dress, a Minnie Mouse bag and sparkly sunglasses! 

Day 91

Happy 8th Birthday Megan! Megan had asked for Lego Friends for her birthday so we got her this big set, which she has loved putting together with Daddy and playing with this week.

Day 92

Ben and Daddy playing football! Ben is getting really good at this and loves having a match with anyone who wants a game, or even by himself!

Day 93

The sun came out, but it was still so cold! Megan was looking after Grace in the garden and pushing her round in the Cozy Coupe car, which she loved.

Day 94

We went to Wales for the day to visit our lovely friends who we haven't seen for six months! The children had a brilliant time and had lots of fun playing mini golf, panning for gold and lots more lovely things.
Here are Megan and and Ben with Amy and Bethan.

Day 95

Megan was modelling a beautiful dress that her Godmother, Lynda had got her as part of her birthday present. Megan loved it and amazingly she had already tried it in the shop and really wanted it!

Day 96

We went to Auntie Lynne's this afternoon and good old snakes and ladders came out again, although this somehow turned into the longest game of snakes and ladders ever played and no one actually won!

Week 13

Day 83

Megan was at a birthday party so we went to Go Outdoors for a wander around the camping stuff.
Ben was sat on the stairs blowing me kisses, before having fun running in and out of tents!

Day 84

Ben has been having a good go at writing his name recently and I think it's pretty good!

Day 85

Megan entered the decorate an egg competition at school with this fabulous creation of a sheep in a field with chicks and bunnies! Very creative!

Day 86

Third place from the whole of KS2! Well done Megs!

Day 87

Ben had his Easter sing along at playgroup. He was brilliant, especially singing 'Hot Cross Buns', his favourite song at the moment! The children sang lots of songs related to Easter and there were lots of very proud parents. Well done Ben!

Day 88

Ben's Sonic slipper has been MIA for a few days, so he decided to wear one slipper and one bed sock!
Thankfully it turned up later this week in one of the toy boxes!

Day 89

Megan was very lucky to go to Auntie Laura's beauty salon today as a birthday treat, where she had her nails painted, all different colours and glittery and had a bit of make up put on too. She looked gorgeous and very grown up.

Week 12

Day 76

Ben went to his friends birthday party, where he had a ball! At one point the children were dancing to Gangnam Style and Ben wanted to join in, but was a bit shy so did it sat down!

Day 77

Wriggly Caterpillar Game, a big favourite at the moment!

Day 78

Playing 3D snakes and ladders, which Ben got for Christmas. It is lovely that Ben can now join in with simple games and we have great fun playing snakes and ladders.

Day 79

Cousinly love! Grace kept jumping on Ben and giving him cuddles. Ben found this very funny! Ah, very cute!

Day 80

Megan and Ben both entered a colouring competition that was being run at Mr W's work. They had to colour Sponge-bob Square Pants in and they were both lucky enough to win a Easter egg! Ben was over the moon as he had a Mario egg with mug! Megan got fairies and a mug too.

Day 81

Whilst trampolining is on, Ben has a play in a little room with a couple of mini climbing frames. He usually meets the same little boy in there too so that keeps him entertained for an hour while I keep one eye on him and one eye on Megan trampolining.

Day 82

Lunch time! Ben was pulling funny faces at Grace to try and make her laugh while I was doing her lunch. He is getting very grown up and can be very helpful when the mood takes him!

Week 11

Day 69

On Mothers Day I was a very lucky mummy. Ben had planted a little plant at playgroup with a Happy Mothers Day label, Megan had made a painted picture frame at school and a decorated tea pot picture frame at Brownies. I had home made cards and the most beautiful bunch of lillies (my favourite flowers) with pussy willow.
I also had breakfast in bed, bacon buttys and got chocolate! What more could a mum ask for?

Day 70

Ben was having fun with the magic wand! Here he was flapping like a bird!
You can read more about the magic wand in our review here.

Day 71

This was the final rose from my lovely bunch of roses I got on Valentines Day. They lasted really well. In fact this rose is still on my kitchen window sill!

Day 72

Mr W made stuffed tomatoes and Greek salad for tea which was delicious. We love Greek food!

Day 73

Megan and I were playing a game in her Lego Friends magazine. Megan and Ben are really into Lego, but Megan has taken a particular liking to Lego Friends, which I really like too.

Day 74

Red Nose Day!
Mr W brought home red noses from work and Megan and Ben had a great time trying to get them to stay on their little noses!

Day 75

Out came the train track. Ben and Daddy built it and Megan couldn't resist having a play too.
It is one of the best things we ever got. Ben has spent hours playing with it and Megan likes it too!

Week 10

Day 62

We had a lovely time at the swimming baths, playing in the rapids and jumping the waves! You can read more about that here.

Day 63

I snapped this picture of Ben playing with his pirate ship that Father Christmas brought him. I think this is the longest he has played with it! He spent ages putting the people in the bottom, then 'rescuing' them.

Day 64

I got an early mothers day card off Megan today. My mum is a big cross stitcher and she has been teaching Megan. This star is the first thing she has stitched. What a clever girl, my star!

Day 65

Ben was really enjoying himself,playing in the rain, watering my plants with his water pistol! He was entertaining Grace too, so double bonus!

Day 66

Megan made her First Forgiveness at church tonight. She was a bit nervous but was very grown up. I snapped this after, whilst she still had her medal on.

Day 67

We popped out shopping with Laura and Grace, straight after playgroup, so Ben tucked into sausage roll for his lunch. Yummy!

Day 68

Ben and Grace were in the 'boat', 'driving' to the beach! Ben very kindly let Grace 'drive'. And he gave her a big cuddle and kiss too! Must be love!!!

Week 9

Day 55

We went to the Camping and Caravan Show at Birmingham NEC. We had a great time looking at the tents, caravans and holiday homes. Perfect day out for campers like us!

Day 56

Sleeping beauties!

Day 57

Bath time funny faces!

Day 58

Sequin art fun! I think Daddy is enjoying it more than Megan. It is looking lovely and it shouldn't be too long before it is finished.

Day 59

Moon Dough creations. I am quite impressed with the moon dough. I thought it would be like the moon sand, that I hate because it goes everywhere, but this is great. Really pliable, easy to use and moulds well.

Day 60

Megan was delighted as she brought home a kindle from school on a weeks loan. It is preloaded with lots of books and she is so pleased to have it. I have a kobo e reader but this has a better choice of childrens book than I have so is great. We have both been sat there reading our e readers! Shame it is only for a week though as she loves it. We might have to think about getting her one of her own at some point...

Day 61

Megan, Ben and Grace were dancing along to the CD player this morning! I was able to snap this picture of them all. So cute!

Week 8

Day 48

Ben plugged himself into Megan's IPod Shuffle to listen to a bit of Moshi Monsters!

Day 49

A bit of bubble fun before bed!

Day 50

Out in the sun at Wythenshawe Park. Bikes, scooters, trees, fun and friends.

Day 51

Ben went down the big slide at the park! It was the first time my heart wasn't in my mouth! He is growing up so fast now. I will be able to sit on the bench this summer, instead of chasing him all around the park!
(And watch Laura chase Grace!!! Sorry Law!)

Day 52

Megan and Ben made soda bread! My budding little bakers! Yummy!

Day 53

Ben checking out our new fish!

Day 54

Look what we bought today! Um Bongo, um bongo, you drink it in the congo...
Brings back memories of my mum buying this for me and my sister when we were younger.
And it's still as lovely!

Week 7

Day 41

We had a lazy Sunday. We played with the Thomas trains, did homework, watched telly and just relaxed.


Day 42

Bedtime stories. Ben has a story before bed every night. Megan enjoys sitting and listening too although she has one downstairs too! Bens favourite at the moment is Peppa Pig.


Day 43

Pancake Day! After school, Laura and I took the kids up to church were there is a cafe and we had yummy pancakes. Megan really enjoyed them this year and had lots! Ben less so, but had a couple of the small ones you can buy. Mr W and I also had some for tea, so this year we have all enjoyed our pancakes on pancake day.

Day 44

Ben very kindly share his ice pop with Grace. It won't be long till she wants one of her own!


Day 45

Valentines Day. Look what I received from Mr W!
Megan was very intrigued about her cards and one in particular has kept her guessing!


Day 46

The last of my very yummy Christmas cake has been finished. Not to worry, it's only 8 months till I start the next!


Day 47

Fun at the park! Setting sail for somewhere hot!


Week 6

Day 34

We went to Lymm Dam for a lovely wintery walk.
It looks sunny here, but it was really cold! We took the ducks some lunch and tried to avoid the swans!
If you would like you can read more of this here.

Day 35

On Monday, Ben discovered Cbeebies on my mum's laptop and has wanted to be on it ever since!
At the time I wasn't sure why he wanted to wear his hat, he kept saying he was cold! I know know this was because he was coming down with a nasty chest infection, that resulted in a ridiculously high temp and a trip to out of hours on Tuesday night.

Day 36

Ben has been focusing on 'Room on the Broom' at playgroup and he painted this super cat from the story! I think he had just a tiny bit of help! No matter what he is very proud of it!

Day 37

I had a poorly boy at home today, who spent the day in his jammies. He is playing with all the Peppa Pig bits here.

Day 38

Megan was making things for Chinese New Year at Brownies tonight. She made this lovely hat and a lantern. They look great!

Day 39

It was the Valentine's School Disco tonight. Here are the three giddy kippers before they went in!
We had a lovely time, lots of dancing and jumping, hot dog eating. As part of my PTA role I was supervising and  tidying up afterwards. I was having a joke with Jack not to go with any girls into dark corners and certainly no kissing! He didn't find me amusing!

Day 40

Megan must be going through a growth spurt at the moment! Here, she is sat on the kitchen side munching her way through the contents of my cupboard!
What with the make up and this I feel like she has turned into a teenager 5 years too early!!!

Week 5

Day 27
Ben had moon dough from Father Christmas so Megan and Ben had great fun being creative!

Day 28
The barbies and ponies were getting a good wash!

Day 29
Megan had her Presentation Mass in preperation for her First Holy Communion. All the children were presented with a special medal to wear at mass. She had a class mass on Tuesday morning so i took a picture of her with her medal before school.

Day 30
Megan had the topic of The Vikings and this is her long boat that she made at school.


Day 31
Our cat, Jake, was very comfy on the sofa!

Day 32
Ben, Daddy and I had a game of Hungry Hippos before bed. It is currently one of Ben's favourites, and one of mine too!


Day 33
The sun made a brief appearance today and looked lovely in the garden. 


                                                  Week 4

Day 20
We went for a wintery walk in the park.
Note the red nose and cheeks, it was freezing!

Day 21
I had the morning to myself whilst Ben was in playgroup (a rare luxury!) so i sorted out the bedroom, 
tidying and sorting toy boxes under the bed and getting rid of lots of rubbish. Very therapeutic!

Day 22
After school Megan was being creative and making a necklace by sticking gems onto the template.
A fab Christmas present for my creative little one.

Day 23
Mr W put up together the scalextric which caused excitement from Ben, although he got
frustrated because the cars kept whizzing off the track and crashing!

Day 24

Day 25
Ben and Daddy watching Megan at trampolining. 
Daddy was off work today so had a chance to watch Megan (the first time he has seen her).
I think he was very impressed at how much she can do!

Day 26
These prints were ones we picked up today from a local photography studio.
Before Christmas I won a raffle and the prize was a photo shoot and framed print.
We look all four little monkeys for the shoot and Laura and I had a real job picking the prints
 we wanted as they were just gorgeous.
I couldn't resist buying the other two prints as they were just beautiful. 

Week 3

Day 13
Last Sunday we went to the crematorium to visit Nana Betty.

Day 14
Megan and Ben were playing in the garden and when they came in they lined up their wellies and they just looked very cute!

Day 15
Megan and Daddy were busy with the Lego.

Day 16
Wednesdays are always full on as all four of the children are there! Megan was being a super star and feeding Grace her tea while I was sorting the boys out.

Day 17
Ben and Daddy set up his racing car track that Father Christmas had brought him. Ben thought it was great fun!

Day 18
We had a sprinkling of snow, but not enough for my liking, so when we got home, Megan and Ben wanted to play out at the front with a few of the local children. As Ben wanted to be at the front too, that meant I had to be out as well and it was freezing and getting dark. They had great fun on sledges, pulling each other and throwing snow balls!

Day 19
We went to the craft session this morning, but it wasn't on, it doesn't start till next week unfortunately. 
Instead we had a walk around the gallery where this caught my eye! (It's a horse and rider!) What do you think?? It gave us a bit of a laugh.

Week 2 

This week has returned to normal with going back to school and work.
Ben has also started five mornings at playgroup, so all change there too.
We started the week with a panto and ended it with a lovely visit with family, so in some ways we have still been in holiday mode!

Day 6
We went to the panto to see Cinderella, which was great fun.

Day 7
Bathtime funny faces!

Day 8
Sleeping beauty (in my bed!)

Day 9
Ben, Megan, Jack and Daddy playing Peppa Pigs Giant Snakes and Ladders.

Day 10
Megan with her cousin Olly. Look at that gorgeous hair!

Day 11
Megan trampolining.

Day 12
Ben and Auntie Sue playing Screwball Scramble.

Keep your eyes open for Week1!

Week 1

Days 1-5

1. Megan looking beautiful on New Years Day.
2. Ben and Jake/
3. Puddle jumping!
4. Looking for rainbows.
5. Climbing trees on the way to the park.


  1. Oooh that tree looks like great fun!

  2. That tree almost makes me want to climb. Almost

  3. Looks like you've all had a fun week!

  4. Gorgeous photos! Lovely to be able to get out this week!

    1. Yes, my two so need to get out, even if it is in the rain! x

  5. what a fun week you all had with lots of outdoors fun a nd games! cant beat puddle jumping! x

  6. We did thanks, we love to get out and about and are lucky enough to live next to a brook which we can walk down and takes us to two diff parks! great bikes, scooters and pooh sticks off the bridge x

  7. Lovely photos, it looks like you've all enjoyed the Christmas holidays.

  8. Yes, can't believe they are almost over. hope you have had good hols too? x

  9. Glad you've managed to get outdoors! Lovely photos, looks like you've made the most of the holidays.

  10. Feel like we haven't stopped and off to the panto tomorrow too x

  11. Love the tree climbing photo!

  12. I love a bit of tree climbing.

  13. Lovely photos, looks like a fun week you have all had xxx

  14. Love the wellies pic, they always manage to find a puddle somewhere! What a great climbing tree at the bottom too! Please do link up with me on Country Kids!

    1. Ah thanks, will pop over and have a look x

  15. Lovely seeing the children out and about now we've had some dry weather.

  16. puddles and tree climbing two of my favourite things


    1. I do like a bit of puddle jumping too! x

  17. I always wanted to be able to climb a tree when I was a child, but I never managed to do it. I still love splashing in puddles though!

  18. I got stuck in a tree when I was younger! my mum has got the pic to prove it! x

  19. I always get nervous when mine climb trees and normally have to end up rescuing one of them

  20. it looks like you had a lovely action packed week!

  21. It was, all back to normal now x

  22. Puddle splashing is a favourite for our little toddler too :)Great photos. x

    1. Thank you, with the weather like it is, puddle splashing is one of the few options available! x

  23. Climbing that tree looks like lots of fun

    1. My 2 think so. everytime we walk that way, they have to have a little climb! x

  24. Nothing like wellies and splashing. Did you find many rainbows?

    1. Not that day no, but always on the look out! x

  25. love e big fluffy cat

  26. You look to be having a lot of fun so far this year. I love Megan's hair as well so pretty

    1. Thank you cerys, we are having fun. lots of snow fun today too!

  27. Lovely photos... can I come and climb trees with you? It looks like fun!

  28. love the crimped hair, and I hope you enjoyed the panto

    1. We did thanks. Megans hair does look great doesn't it x

  29. Looks like you had a fun week - I love hungry hippos too!