Sunday, 22 February 2015

Half Term Mayhem

Half term is rapidly rushing to an end and I for one have completely enjoyed it.
It has been busy, Megs and I have both had colds. I also had a migraine on wed too but we have had lots of fun.
Monday saw us heading off to Wrexham to visit Lynne, Helen and the girls. Always good fun and very relaxing. Lynne is one of my very special friends. We have the type of relationship where we can not speak for months and then pick up the phone as though we spoke just 10 mins ago. The very best kind of friend to have.
We spent a lovely afternoon having lunch. Megs and Ben had a great time with Lynnes girls, Amy and Bethan. Lots of laughter and giggling! We then went to the ice cream farm for hot chocolate, mini golf, go karts, panning for gold and playing. A really lovely catch up.
On Tuesday we headed off to Heaton Park with Suzanne and the kiddy winks. A cold sunny picnic and scooting around summed up the day, with a play on the park and ice cream thrown in for good measure! And that evening we had pancakes too!
Wednesday arrived and I woke up with a migraine. No wallowing in bed though as Jack and Grace were coming today. We went out late morning with another friend and her two girls to Tatton Park which is somewhere I haven't been for ages. Armed with painkillers and fresh air I managed to cope and by mid afternoon my head was feeling quite a bit better. The kids loved the park at Tatton. It is wooden and has zip wires so it's a bit more daring! After lunch we had a wander, the kids scared the living daylights out of some 'rare breed' sheep ( think the kids thought they were sheep dogs!!!) And we had great fun exploring rabbit holes with sticks!
On Wednesday evening I had a date with Mr Grey (and the girls!), which I thoroughly enjoyed!!!
Thursday I had my hair cut, lunch at mums and then went to get new school shoes, school trousers and tights for the kids. Mum had Grace and they came too and treated the kids to new clothes, much to Megs delight!!!
On Friday we went with mum, Laura and her two to Gullivers World . Another freezing, but dry day. Ben was amazing and went on everything!! Jack was very impressed with him. He even went on the rickety wooden roller coaster that I hated, but he loved! My little man is growing up too fast. Megs looked after Grace and went on a few rides with her. We had another picnic and hot drinks to warm us up after!!!
Megs went to watch the gang show when we got back and I went out with the girls for a few cocktails and a Greek meal for Suzannes birthday.
Megs went to a birthday party on Saturday so Ben and I baked some cakes. And today, Sunday, we are going to finish off homework, read reading books and pack school bags ready for tomorrow. Bath night and early nights tonight!
Phew, we didn't stop this week, we certainly packed loads in but had great fun and made more happy memories.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Imperial War Museum

If you are looking for somewhere to take the kids over half term, here would be ideal.

The museum is currently running a life at sea interactive story session and follow up activities.
When I went along I had a 9 year old, 5 year old and 3 year old and it was pitched beautifully to include all of them.

The story follows the life of Toby as he embarks on a life at sea, how he feels and everything he sees along the way.
It gives the children the opportunity to find out about life at sea but in a way suitable for them. Great stuff!

The museum itself is free to enter and is a brilliant place to start explaining war and artefacts to kids. It is a good mix of history and hands on to keep different ages entertained.

Don't forget to watch the Horrible Histories film all about the war and rationing, pitched perfectly for little ones.

One of our best experiences is visiting the air shard which is really high and gives you a fab view over Manchester. You can even see Coronation Street!!!

The cafe serves nice food, not too pricey and the kids can pick a ration pack with 5 items too!

If you fancy a day out to keep the kids, and you entertained then definitely try here. You will love it!

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Thinking Slimmer Week 1

As most of you will know I love food. I have done for years and have a very unhealthy relationship with it. I am a comfort eater, I eat when I am stressed, when I am happy and everywhere in between. I love cooking which is both a blessing and a curse. Consequently I need to lose weight. Over the years my weight has gone up and down, on repeat. I have counted points, syns, colour days and calories and yes it works but not for long. The main problem is as soon as I decide I am on a diet I want to eat, so I have pretty much failed before I start.
But next year the big 40 is looming (3rd September 2016 if you are interested!!!), and I have now made a promise to myself that I will not be 40 and fat. I am also planning 2 weeks in Greece next summer and I want to look bloody good on that beach!!!
So when I was given an opportunity to try out a new way of being healthy and losing weight with Thinking Slimmer I it was fate!
Thinking Slimmer isn't a diet, more a way of changing your whole approach to food and food choices.
I have been listening to a Slimpod, which is only 8 mins long and is the most relaxing thing to hear that most nights I am fast asleep before it is finished! This doesn't matter though as I am still listening and absorbing even though I am asleep.
This then allows me, almost without thinking about it to make more healthy choices.
And unbelievably it has. Without feeling I am depriving myself I am making better choices, drinking more water, having smaller portions, making healthier choices but if I want chocolate I will have it and not worry about it. I don't feel I have broken my diet and then give up.
In just over a week, I can tell this is working for me. I haven't weighed or measured myself since I started 10 days ago but I know there is a difference.
I am not brave enough to disclose those figures yet, but you never know, that may change.

I will keep up posted on my progress.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

365 Project Week 5

 Week 5

Sunday 25th January 2015
M and B both made a hand puppet at Nana's this afternoon.
M made a dog and B made a frog!

Monday 26th January 2015
I have been lucky enough to be selected to join a group to test out a new programme with Thinking Slimmer. 
Thinking Slimmer is a slim pod that you listen to that changes your views on eating and food and the way you associate the two.
No counting points, syns or calories as nothing is forbidden. You just relax and Trevor talks to your subconscious for 8 mins and you begin to make better choices. It's early days but I have seen massive changes in my habits.
I will keep you updated!!

Tuesday 27th January 2015
This is all I seem to do at the moment!

Wednesday 28th January 2015
Ben had a long overdue haircut today after school and loved having gel on it!

Thursday 29th January 2015
We finally got SNOW!!!!!!!
Not too much but a fairly decent covering and the kids were beyond excited!!!
They had a fun filled frozen hour in the garden after school, making a snowman complete with hair.

Friday 30th January 2015

More glow in the dark fun at art club today. We made animal constellations with glow in the dark paint and star stickers. M made a turtle and B made a bird. 

Saturday 31st January 2015
A tired boy after a busy week.