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Photo Of The Week

I am linking up with Louise from Team Lloyd for Photo Of The Week. Louise will post a linky on her blog for us to link our photos up. If you fancy joining in, click here.

It is an opportunity to capture a special moment from the whole week, something that happened, something that you saw or something that you want to remember.

Week 1

With this being the week after Christmas I just had to pick a Christmas piccy. Our new nativity scene, which Megan really enjoyed putting up.

Week 2

This week I have picked a family picture. Family is so very important and we are lucky we are so close.
Megan, Ben and I went to the panto to see Cinderella with my mum, auntie Lynne, Laura, Jack and Lauras friends, Sarah and Sam.
Before we went, we had a carvery at a local pub, which was very tasty.

Week 3

For this weeks photo of the week I have picked a photo of my beautiful boy with my gorgeous niece.
Ben and Grace shared bath time together and then they were both snuggled together in their jammies.
Ben also gave Grace a special kiss. Don't they look just adorable?!

Week 4

This week we finally got a bit of snow, the most being last night, so this morning we went out and built a snow dog, which even as I type is melting in the sun!

Week 5

This weeks photo of the week is one I should probably have published the first week, as it is slightly Christmas related, I know, I know, but bare with me! And then the snow arrived and overtook everything else, (and I forgot!)
You may remember that before Christmas we went to a Christmas party at Mr W's work and the children painted their own mugs, thanks to Minikin. They were taken back, fired and then brought back to work where they were distributed.

Anyway, these are the finished products. What do you think?

Megan's is the snowman one and Ben's is the hand printed reindeer.
They both love them and they get used a lot.


Week 6

This week I have captured my gorgeous girl putting on make up in the bathroom!!!
She was very intent on what she was doing, blusher, eye shadow, lip stick, all being carefully applied.
I managed to snap this without her noticing me.

I think I am very worried now! She is not yet 8! Can you imagine what she will be like in 6 years time?!

Week 7

This week my photo is of my gorgeous boy. It was taken when he was fast asleep in my bed.
He looks so angelic that I can forget what hard work he is at the moment!
It's moments like this, that catch in your throat and make you realise just how lucky you are.
(Whilst typing this, I have just had to rush upstairs as he has just fell out of bed! Bed guard is going back on tomorrow now!)

Week 8

Enjoying one of our favourite past times, BUBBLES! You can't beat them! This was in the garden, just before it went dark. I love the fact they are both having a go.

Week 9

We went to the Caravan and Camping Exhibition at Birmingham NEC last Sunday.
This is probably not everyone's idea of fun, but as a camping family we had a great time.
We did get a little side tracked by the caravans and maybe in the future we may get one, with a big awning for lots of space.
Megan was very taken with these and enjoyed trying out practically every caravan there!
The other thing we really had fun wandering in and out of was the holiday homes. They were great! Some of them were so big with beautiful fitted kitchens, built in fires, fully fitted bedrooms and en suite bathrooms! Mr W was particularly in his element and collected lots of brochures!
When we eventually got to the tents we had a good look around and saw the two different styles of tents that friends of ours had purchased. We got a bit of tent envy at this point! It was good fun picking out our next tent, as ours is well used and in the next few years we will need one. I think we had better start saving now!
Aside from all the lovely tents they had different things on for children.
One of the things was an animal show and cut out boards to create your own picture. My two little meerkats loved it!

Week 10

We went swimming last weekend and I snapped this pic before we went in!
We had a fabulous time and you can read more about it here.

Week 11

This weeks photo of the week is one of me and my little munchkins.
I don't often get a picture with two of them, but we were having cuddles and it was so lovely that we snapped the moment.
I managed to take this on my phone. They look gorgeous and I look rough, but in my defence I have been ill most of the week.

Week 12

I have been really busy this week with working four days, parents evening, before school and after school clubs and haven't took as many pictures as I would like so I have struggled to find one as my photo of the week.

However I did snap this of Megan and Ben with our cat Jake.
Jake is getting on a bit now, I think he will be 13 this year, and he likes the quiet life. His favourite past time is curling up on the sofa or on your knee and having a snooze.
Megan and Ben don't usually sit still long enough for him to sleep but they all enjoy a little cuddle here.

Week 13

We woke to yet another light sprinkling of snow one day this week and as we were rushing off to school and playgroup, Ben had a dance in the snow, and I caught the most gorgeous expression on his face.
Just beautiful.
My boy x x x

Week 14

My beautiful daughter was 8 this week! 8!!! How on earth did that happen???

I can vividly remember the day she was born. My waters broke just after 6am on the 1st April 2005, 5 days overdue. Thankfully I was in the bathroom as there was a bit of a gush! Because of the day it was, Mr W thought I was joking! Not long after my contractions started and hospital asked me to go in to see what was happening as 48 hours earlier I was already 3cm dilated with no labour pains whatsoever! After being assessed I was pleased to find I was 4cm and as the TENS wasn't doing too much, I had an epidural which was great. Mr W and my sister were with me and the day passed quite uneventfully until I was fully dilated at  about 6pm. After this I was pushing for about 2 hours with not much progress and at this point it all went a bit pear shaped. Megan's heart rate was dropping considerably, mine was racing far too much, doctors were called, the room filled with people and an emergency c section was decided on. Within minutes I was in theatre, epidural topped up, Mr W in scrubs and signing (scrawling,) my life away (giving my consent,) with the doctor waiting with a raised scalpel. It was probably the most terrifying moment in my entire life and the main reason I opted for a planned c section with Ben.
Moments later, my beautiful daughter, Megan Ellie was born at 9.49pm, weighing 8lb 2oz and my life changed forever as I became a mum.
Not long after my poor sister, who had no idea what was happening, got to meet her niece and our new life as a family began!

Week 16

Megan and I went out for Afternoon tea with the girls last Sunday. Megan loved it, she was so grown up and beautifully behaved. At one point we went outside for a quick look and she couldn't resist having a play, even with her fancy dress on!

Week 17

This week Megan, Ben and I made homemade chocolate truffles covered in chocolate sprinkles which were just delicious! Fancy one???

Week 18

We went to watch the Manchester Marathon last Sunday as it was running right past the top of the road. The pub was a designated refuge point and relay point so it was really busy and very family orientated with a DJ and BBQ. The children were all able to hand out water to the runners and really got involved.

Megan had a great time as lots of her friends were there and really enjoyed the atmosphere!

Week 19

Ben got a big boys bike this week! He was so pleased and excited! My gorgeous little man is growing up so fast!

Week 20

  My little Scooby!

Week 23

This is one of the few pictures of me and my gorgeous friend Lynne. We have been friends since we met at uni many moons ago and clicked straight away. We have spent many a night drunk, putting the world to rights and cracking simultaneous equations! (Don't ask, just know that they will haunt us forever!) We failed primary Geography in our first year because of too many Thursday nights in the aptly named student night in 'Shag' and couldn't make lectures on Friday mornings!
We went to each others weddings, celebrated the births of our two children and try to get together every school holiday and for birthdays even though we live two and a half hours from each other. We are so lucky to have one of those very special friendships that mean we can just pick up the phone and just chat as though we only spoke yesterday, and that has never been as important as in these past 18 months.
Lynne and her family are so very important to us. Love ya babe x


  1. Yay Thank You Emma!! How exciting :) Thank you so much for joining in, I cannot wait to see your photos X

  2. Love the Christmas theme! What a beautiful nativity scene as well, and just lovely you can put it together as a family tradition. We packed all our decorations away today and it has made us sad, but I kept saying, it's only for 11 months. Roll on Dec 1st I say! XXXX P.S. Thank you so much for joining in Photo of The Week XX

  3. Oh h know, all are decs will be coming down tomorrow. this will definitely become a family tradition as Megan and Ben have loved moving all the bits around! x x

  4. A lovely Nativity and a lovely photo!

    1. Thank you. all packed away now till next year x

  5. Great nativity scene and nice to see a family all together enjoying themselves..

  6. Lovely photo of the week again Emma - lovely family photo, times like that are just so special aren't they? We loved panto this year we saw Aladdin! XX

    Thanks so much for linking up XX

    1. Ah thanks, I do love family time. saw Aladdin last year and it was great x

  7. Beautiful family picture, one for the photo album! :) x

    1. Definitely, it. it will go on our digital photo frame soon x