Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Megan's 10th Birthday

My gorgeous girl turned 10 last week. Unbelievable.
Unbelievable that I have a 10 year old.
She is growing up so fast now, but in some ways she is still my little girl.
Megan is a real mixed bag. She is truly herself when she is at home, relaxed, loud, carefree, loving, my best buddy and fantastic helper. With her friends, she is different, more reserved, quieter, doesn't want to let herself go as much....except with O.
Megs and O have been best friends since the day dot. Well, ever since me and Suzanne gave birth to the girls 32 hours apart!
The two of them are so close, which is lovely, especially since they go to different schools. They are giggly, funny and love sharing their secrets. When we all go camping, they are glued together for the whole week. Just lovely.
Anyway for her 10th birthday, Megs had a swimming party with a lovely mix of girl and boy friends mainly from school.
It was fab, there was an inflatable pirate ship that had a slide too.
We then had pizza, garlic bread, sandwiches, crisps, biscuits and other party nibbles. And not forgetting the birthday cake!! Great fun!!!

On Megs actual birthday, on her request, we went with Nana, Grandad, Auntie Laura, Uncle Darren, Jack and Grace to the Red Hot Buffet for tea. That was very tasty and they made a real fuss of her birthday, the whole restaurant sang Happy Birthday to her!!!

The presents of choice this year were a mix of Lego Friends, clothes, and books!!