Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Thinking Slimmer Week 1

As most of you will know I love food. I have done for years and have a very unhealthy relationship with it. I am a comfort eater, I eat when I am stressed, when I am happy and everywhere in between. I love cooking which is both a blessing and a curse. Consequently I need to lose weight. Over the years my weight has gone up and down, on repeat. I have counted points, syns, colour days and calories and yes it works but not for long. The main problem is as soon as I decide I am on a diet I want to eat, so I have pretty much failed before I start.
But next year the big 40 is looming (3rd September 2016 if you are interested!!!), and I have now made a promise to myself that I will not be 40 and fat. I am also planning 2 weeks in Greece next summer and I want to look bloody good on that beach!!!
So when I was given an opportunity to try out a new way of being healthy and losing weight with Thinking Slimmer I it was fate!
Thinking Slimmer isn't a diet, more a way of changing your whole approach to food and food choices.
I have been listening to a Slimpod, which is only 8 mins long and is the most relaxing thing to hear that most nights I am fast asleep before it is finished! This doesn't matter though as I am still listening and absorbing even though I am asleep.
This then allows me, almost without thinking about it to make more healthy choices.
And unbelievably it has. Without feeling I am depriving myself I am making better choices, drinking more water, having smaller portions, making healthier choices but if I want chocolate I will have it and not worry about it. I don't feel I have broken my diet and then give up.
In just over a week, I can tell this is working for me. I haven't weighed or measured myself since I started 10 days ago but I know there is a difference.
I am not brave enough to disclose those figures yet, but you never know, that may change.

I will keep up posted on my progress.


  1. It's such a good programme, I can't believe how well it's going in such a short period of time x

  2. I'm pleased to hear it works - I've be considering it myself alongside Slimming World, just not sure if that would work