Saturday, 22 September 2012

Potty Training

We have done it! Ben is wearing big boy pants! Yay! He has cracked it! I am so very pleased with him. It took us a while and a number of attempts (4 I think) to get there, but its done.  Friends know this has taken a while. At first Ben just didn't get it and he really wasn't bothered that he was weeing left right and centre. And that is to say nothing of the numbers twos! I will just say as Ben eats vast amounts of fruit and veg every day, each accident involved a full shower hose down, which wasn't great if we were out somewhere.  Praising didn't work, neither did bribery!  He just couldn't care less. Typical Ben.   We just popped a nappy back on and waited another couple of weeks.

It was different when Megan was potty trained, she was ready at 2 and a half and was dry within a couple of days. Number twos took longer and she asked for a nappy on when she needed to go, but that only lasted a couple of months.

This is just another example of how my two are very different or is it a difference between boys and girls?

Whatever it is, I am so very proud of my big boy.

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