Sunday, 28 October 2012

Leaf catching

We had a gorgeous Autumny walk yesterday. We are very lucky to live just next to a brook which leads us through a small woods to our local park. Walking along there yesterday it feels like we were out in the open countryside.  Megan requested a walk in the woods this week and I promised we would go if it hadn't rained. Thankfully we went yesterday when it was sunny, cold, crisp and crunchy. Having rained overnight it is now grey and miserable.

Megan and Ben loved crunching through the leaves and finding unusual shaped leaves, big, small, bright red, to name a few. They collected them in bags and this week we will make some leaf art.

We found a hidden rope swing behind trees which Megan and Ben both enjoyed and I have had to promise to take them back this week!

I took a few pictures on my phone and was really surprised at how lovely the light shone through on them. I think its because the sun is so low at this time of year.

We were only out for about an hour and a half but had a lovely time, enjoying one of the few sunny days left this year.

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