Monday, 22 October 2012

One year ago

A year ago today my nana passed away.  A whole year, which has gone so quickly.  My nana was 90 last year, (she would hate me telling you that!) She didn't look it at all.
It feels funny writing this, it seems to make it more real, but I wanted to put down some memories of my fantastic nana.

Ever since I can remember we went to my nanas on a Saturday afternoon.

For cake!

My auntie Lynne lived with my nana forever and they always have afternoon tea.  My family never had afternoon tea, I don't like tea anyway but on Saturday afternoons we always had afternoon tea, and in my case, squash. With cake.  When I was younger this was homemade fairy cakes, or buns as Nan called them.  As she got older, shop bought ones replaced the homemade ones, but afternoon tea was still the same.

As a mum I have regularly been to nanas on a Saturday afternoon with my own children and nephew (as my sister works on Saturdays and joins us later.)
My children have been able to experience Saturday afternoons with their great nana, or nana betty, as they called her. They have had the delights of afternoon tea and cake!

My nana was very active up until about 4 years ago when she had a heart attack. She would regularly get on the bus and go shopping, go to coffee mornings at church, see friends and was an active member of the church. After the heart attack she was weaker, but gradually started to go shopping again with family or friends and back to church.

Thankfully she wasn't ill before she died. She was breathless, caused by the heart failure, but it was manageable. She went on holiday last July to Llandudno with auntie Lynne and had a lovely time. She went to Bens christening on Sept 4th last year, which was great because she was with all the family. This was her last real outing.

The saddest thing is she never got to meet her 4th great grandchild. My sister laura was 34 weeks pregnant when nana passed away. Grace holly Elizabeth, named after my Nan was born on 2nd December.

At her funeral the church was packed with Nans friends, members of the church and neighbours who all loved my Nan. She was a very special lady who was very loved.

We still have our tradition of Saturday afternoon tea with my mum and the children at auntie Lynnes, so Nan would be pleased with that I'm sure!

A whole year, I just can't believe it.

This picture was taken last summer at my Nans. I love it because everyone looks very happy and relaxed.

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