Friday, 2 November 2012

Museum of science and industry (MOSI)

As it has been half term me and the children had a day out with our friends. Three mums and seven children went to mosi.

We had been before. As a family we have taken Megan and Ben and they both enjoyed it. We have been with our friends too. It's good fun although hard work keeping track of everyone!

I love the fact that in Manchester we have great museums to go to with the children, and I love the fact it is free!

We went on the tram from sale as that is always a big adventure in itself.

By the time we got there everyone was hungry so we headed to the planes and cars hanger where there is a bigish seated area for picnics upstairs where the kids had a good view of the simulator.

After lunch we went to the main building and went straight to the experiment part of the museum. Here you can have a fab hands on experience of different science concerts like watching your skeleton when you pedal a bike, touch and feel, lifting weights, creating mini earthquakes, making cyclones to name a few. There is also a small soft play area for little ones too. Needless to say we sent ages experimenting, testing and having fun. Next we headed outside into the drizzle for a ride on the steam train. Great fun and great value.  We then went over to the gas work warehouse for a trip down the sewers, complete with rats and fake poo that the children found very amusing! We learnt about the history of toilets (always a popular topic with kids!) A quick pop into recycling for a bit more hands on before we headed back over to the main building for a quick tour around the history of cotton, and more hands on, before it was time to head home. We walked back to the tram having all had a brilliant time.

We are so lucky to have such a fab museum local to where we live and I know as the children get older we will continue to visit time and time again.


  1. I love the and the other half went before the baby arrived...will definitely be taking him when he gets a bit bigger!

  2. Thanks for stopping by. its just brilliant. I went before kids too and you see it in a whole new light when you go with them, you experience it through their eyes and its even better!