Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Learning Resources Answer Buzzer Review

We were sent Answer Buzzers from Learning Resources to review.
You can visit their site here.
They arrived at just the right time as we had just opened a box of crackers that had a family quiz in and Megan wanted to play it.

These buzzers come in four different sounds. There is a 'boing', ' ding', 'ding dong', and a 'honk honk'.

The idea is that you can use them for any game to liven it up or for quiz games.

We used them to play the quiz and they were great fun. It was good for every player to have their own buzzer so you can tell who knows the answer first.

The different sounds make the game much more fun, rather than everyone shouting out at the same time!

You could also use the buzzers to play other board games as they could easily be incorporated into the game.

These will be brilliant over Christmas as it is a time that we all play lots of games, especially quiz games.

If you want to liven up a quiz game I would definitely recommend these buzzers.

A word of warning though, young members of the family, (Ben), could get very annoying with these buzzers!

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