Sunday, 27 January 2013

Review of My Little Big Town Publishing

We were very excited to receive three books through the post. We love books in our house and me and the children have got loads, but you can never have too many books!

The lovely people at My Big Little Town sent us three books to review.
The books are written by Calvin Innes who is a UK author and illustrator.

We were sent :
Pale Henry 
Stuart the Bug Eating Man.  

Megan was really excited as there books are aimed at her age, 7 years plus. Megan picked Jenny for us to read first.

The blurb said:
She would play in the rain, 
The thunder and lightening
And in all the places, 
Other kids would find frightening! 

 You see Jenny is made 
From a different mold... 
She's a werewolf hunting 
Eight year old! 

Who could resist that?! Certainly not us! We loved it, it was our favourite of the three books, although Pale Henry came a close second and we loved the fact that the story was rhyming too. The story was original and perfectly aimed at 7 years and upwards. What is great is that the story has got lots of great illustrations throughout it to really bring the story to life.

Pale Henry was our next read.

The blurb said:
Gather round children,
Let me tell you a tale,
Of a young man named Henry,
Who was terribly pale.

He looked gaunt and sickly,
from his head to his feet.
Haggard and thin,
and as white as a sheet.

Another great story about Henry who really does want to play out with the other boys and girls but is too afraid, but eventually plucks up the courage and has a ball!

And finally, Stuart the Bug Eating Man.

The blurb said:
Stuart would eat bugs,
with his fork and with his knife.
Much to the disgust,
Of Harriet his wife.

He'd munch them and crunch them,
legs and all.
While they'd wriggle and squirm
and scurry and crawl.

He he, a totally disgusting tale!

I would defiantly recommend having a look at their website here for lots of lovely books.

We were sent these books for review but all opinions are our own.


  1. Hi! I have done a review of Pale Henry as well and added a link to your review on my blog post, hope you don't mind. cheers!

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