Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Keeping the kids happy on long journeys - guest post

This is a guest post.

In car entertainment – keeping kids happy

How many families are brought to breaking point by long journeys with fraught children in the back? Probably rather a lot!

It’s not easy travelling with children, especially on hot summer days when the motorways are jammed and it seems the person in front wants to go as slow as possible.

The best way to keep your cool is by being prepared, so follow our guide for making sure your travels get off to the best start.

Travelling with Tech
There are a plenty of in-car systems that can occupy your little ones during the journey. DVD players which fit to the front headrests are a fantastic way to stop arguments.

Portable game players are great too – handheld and individual, they can help to keep children occupied on a long journey. For younger children there are a good range of educational and fun games that can help with a variety of learning skills.

Traditional Games
Today’s technology definitely has its place in travel, but there is also something to be said for traditional games such as I-spy and in-car bingo (give the children 10 to 15 items each that they have to tick off on the journey).  

These simple and effective games can pass an hour or two, and before you know it the seaside is in sight!

The little ones
If your children are too young for technology or I-spy then it can be hard to keep them entertained for half an hour, let alone for four hours!
Nursery rhyme CDs can help pass the time with a family sing-along, and can even help lull small children to sleep.
Toys that play music, interactive touch and feel books and toys that hang from the back of the seats can capture your baby’s imagination while the miles fly by.

Fast Food
As any parent knows, more often than not boredom is accompanied by requests for food! Keep a good supply of snacks at hand to top up the kids before the next stop. Luckily for parents, there are some lovely ranges available which include treats and healthy options.
Go easy on the drinks, however, unless you want to stop more often than you’d like!

Little extras
Extra things like wipes, a change of clothes or reading material can all help to make the journey more bearable.
Make sure you have all the important things covered too, like adequate car insurance and breakdown cover.



  1. thanks for the tips. I don't have little ones yet but I will keep this info in mind for longer car trips!

    1. I have tried quite a few and lots do work, especially the snacks! x