Friday, 15 February 2013

Photo of the Week Week 7

Team Lloyd

Photo Of The Week

I am linking up with Louise from Team Lloyd for Photo Of The Week. Louise will post a linky on her blog for us to link our photos up. If you fancy joining in, click here.

It is an opportunity to capture a special moment from the whole week, something that happened, something that you saw or something that you want to remember.

Week 7

This week my photo is of my gorgeous boy. It was taken when he was fast asleep in my bed.
He looks so angelic that I can forget what hard work he is at the moment!
It's moments like this, that catch in your throat and make you realise just how lucky you are.
(Whilst typing this, I have just had to rush upstairs as he has just fell out of bed! Bed guard is going back on tomorrow now!)


  1. Aw! Sleeping children photos are always so lovely to see x

  2. I love taking pictures of Bella while she is asleep! They look so innocent and peaceful don't they?!?

    Thank you for linking up with Photo of The Week Emma, I so appreciate it :) XXX

    1. Very peaceful and just gorgeous. loving linking up thanks x

  3. Sleeping angel - don't they look so peaceful when they are sleeping? :) x