Friday, 22 February 2013

Photo Of The Week Week 8

Team Lloyd

Photo Of The Week

I am linking up with Louise from Team Lloyd for Photo Of The Week. Louise will post a linky on her blog for us to link our photos up. If you fancy joining in, click here.

It is an opportunity to capture a special moment from the whole week, something that happened, something that you saw or something that you want to remember.

Week 8

Enjoying one of our favourite past times, BUBBLES! You can't beat them! This was in the garden, just before it went dark. I love the fact they are both having a go.


  1. Oh lovely bubbles!! We love bubbles in the garden in the summer time, they are so pretty aren't they? They look like the are concentrating hard on blowing those bubbles :)

    Thanks for linking up Emma X

  2. Bubblesd are great and lovely to have some dry weather to go and use them! Just popping over from photo of the week but please do join me on my Country Kids linky too.

  3. Woo Hoo - bubble fun! My little boy loves blowing bubbles! :) x

  4. Bubbles rule! Firm faves of little and big people here!