Saturday, 23 March 2013

Photo of the Week Week 12

Team Lloyd

Photo Of The Week

I am linking up with Louise from Team Lloyd for Photo Of The Week. Louise will post a linky on her blog for us to link our photos up. If you fancy joining in, click here.

It is an opportunity to capture a special moment from the whole week, something that happened, something that you saw or something that you want to remember.

Week 12

I have been really busy this week with working four days, parents evening, before school and after school clubs and haven't took as many pictures as I would like so I have struggled to find one as my photo of the week.

However I did snap this of Megan and Ben with our cat Jake.
Jake is getting on a bit now, I think he will be 13 this year, and he likes the quiet life. His favourite past time is curling up on the sofa or on your knee and having a snooze.
Megan and Ben don't usually sit still long enough for him to sleep but they all enjoy a little cuddle here.


  1. Lovely to see them all enjoying your gorgeous cat

  2. Awww such a lovely photo! I bet your little cat is enjoying the strokes! :) x

  3. Aw! I remember holding my cat on my lap when I was little... so exciting!

  4. Oh I love their little faces, they look very excited that he is sitting still for them :) We grew up with dogs but I do remember the excitement of getting to stroke them as they wondered past us!

    Lovely photo of the week! So sorry it has taken longer than normal for me to comment emma! X