Sunday, 31 March 2013

Splashzone for Megans 8th Birthday

Megan will be 8 tomorrow. Really don't know how that has happened!
So for her birthday treat we went to Splashzone next to Gullivers World in Warrington. Megan invited three of her friends, so with Megan and Ben there were five children.
Splashzone is a sliding, climbing delight for children. The girls loved it. There are two big slides and lots of little ones, big climbing area, squirters and a big bucket that fills up and tips out! There are no actual pools, except a small, shallow pool, hence the fact this is for under twelves, no adults.
Ben wasn't too impressed, too much squirty water and he went down one of the slides quite fast and scared himself so he ended up coming out and getting changed and going to have a play in the soft play upstairs with daddy.
Megan and her friends had a ball! They spent ages running up the stairs, sliding down and going on again. They waited for the bucket to tip on them and just had a brilliant two hours fun.

After everyone had got dressed we went to McDonalds, which was about five minutes away for a birthday tea. As a special treat we all had mcflurrys too.

The manager said we could light the candle on the birthday cake so we all sang Happy Birthday to Megan which she enjoyed, even though she was a bit embarrassed!

She opened her presents and was delighted to get some books she had been wanting as well as some other lovely bits.

Megan had a lovely party and as she said on the way home, 'that was the best birthday ever!' Can't argue with that!

This is a pic of Megan reading one of her new books.

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