Sunday, 19 May 2013

Improving our Garden Furniture

Now the summer is on its way (or so I really hope!), I have been thinking of updating some of our garden toys for Megan and Ben.

The things we have got have been brilliant and have lasted so well considering how much they have been used.
As we are quite outdoorsy people (just two weeks till our first camping trip - sooo excited!), we use the garden a lot and the kids can often be found out there, well wrapped up, in all weathers.
We have got the usual swing and climbing frame, plus cars, bikes, scooters and loads of other gardeny bits and bobs but lots of them are getting a bit young, certainly for Megan and Ben is beginning to outgrow them too.

So in my hunt I have come across which has got a huge range of garden equipment, including bikes, ride ons, games tables, slides, playhouses and loads more.

Lots of these things would be great for our garden and as an added bonus there a smaller bits that we could take camping with us, such as the games tables.

Another thing that caught my eye was the wooden hexagonal sand pit, Ben would LOVE that and it is really reasonable priced. Another thing I would love but we just don't have the space for would be a wooden swing set. They are great fun and if you have the space, they give hours of fun.

Megan would love a playhouse so that would be another possibility and with a choice of wooden or plastic there would definitely be something there for us.

There are lots of things there for us grown ups too. BBQs, garden furniture and sheds. We definitely need to look at some garden furniture as the stuff we have is quite old and faded now and our table doubles up as a potting table too!

The final thing that caught my eye were the pools. We need another one of those, as ours popped last year, and these would be perfect. Great sizes and great prices.

Let's just keep our fingers crossed that it will eventually gets warm enough to need one......

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