Saturday, 22 June 2013

Being A Grown Up!

Thinking about planning ahead and for the future is so very grown up! So this week I have decided I am going to be very grown up! With two children, that is our family complete now. We can now focus on moving forward, with our children growing up and moving away from the lovely tantrums (hopefully very soon!) And that means thinking like a grown up and making a Will. Not a very lighthearted thought, but one that does need to be thought through when you have a family. I remember talking to a financial advisor about a Will, and he asked me what would happen to the children and our assets if the worst happened. I replied that the children would go and live with my sister and the house would be sold to help pay for their upbringing and hopefully some kept aside for them when they are older. He told me, that was fine, but if that intention wasn't put in a Will, how would everyone else know? Even though my sister knew, he said other people could contest that request if it wasn't written in a Will.
So with that in mind I had a look here and realised the whole process can be very simple and easily put into place. It means the whole thing can be sorted out and can easily be updated if needed and reviewed every few years to accommodate new changes in your family, life and circumstances. So that is something I am going to get sorted very soon.
Whilst I was looking here, I didn't realise all the other services that were on offer. I personally have only used a solicitor once before, and that was when we bought our house and you have to use one to sort through the legal jargon and mountain of paperwork that is involved in house buying.
Hopefully I won't need to use a solicitor for anything other than Will making in the near future, but it is always reassuring to know that the are a number of services from help with lots of different employment issues to company laws available to you if needed.

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