Saturday, 29 June 2013


We or should I say, Mr W sells quite a bit of stuff on eBay.
Fairly recently we have had a lot of baby stuff to sell, cots, baby baths and stuff like that. We have sold lots of girls and boys clothes, things that were just too nice to send off in the charity bags, that would easily be worn lots more times. Sterilizers, rattles and baby toys like gyms and bouncy chairs. Clarks shoes, that have hardly been worn, before little feet grew. And this is just the tip of the iceberg! And trust me when I say the loft is FULL of stuff to sell!
The great thing about eBay is that it is so easy to sell on. The one thing that we have found though is it can be more difficult to find a reliable parcel company, that doesn't cost the earth. Previously we have boxed up, packaged up and wrapped items that were being posted and have took them to the post office ourselves. This can be a pain though, as we don't always have to hand the right size box, or bubble wrap and more than anything, we don't always have the time to go to the post office to post items.
 Mr W works full time, leaving in the morning before the post office opens and back when it is closed, making him getting there just not an option. I work part time and on my days off, in between school drop offs and pick ups, playgroup drop offs and pick ups and everything in between, such as my new Phoenix business, I don't have time to be running off to the post office on a regular basis.
So finding a decent parcel company has become quite a priority, especially now I am selling Phoenix cards as I may have customers who live further away who order cards, stationary, or organiser boxes from me and I need to post their order to them. That is why Rapid Parcel looks like it might fit the bill. They have great prices on delivering your parcels, you are able to track where the parcels are and fantastically for me, they pick up the parcels you are posting from your house! No traipsing to the post office on my days off!
The company also provides boxes, bubble wrap, tape and padded envelopes straight to you so you have it when you need it and you won't be hunting around for the tape when you need it (like I frequently am!)
So it looks as though I have found an answer to how we can post both our bigger items and the smaller cards and bits I will hopefully be selling to my Phoenix customers.

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