Sunday, 9 June 2013

Photo Of The Week 23

Team Lloyd

Photo Of The Week

I am linking up with Louise from Team Lloyd for Photo Of The Week. Louise will post a linky on her blog for us to link our photos up. If you fancy joining in, click here.

It is an opportunity to capture a special moment from the whole week, something that happened, something that you saw or something that you want to remember.

Week 23

This is one of the few pictures of me and my gorgeous friend Lynne. We have been friends since we met at uni many moons ago and clicked straight away. We have spent many a night drunk, putting the world to rights and cracking simultaneous equations! (Don't ask, just know that they will haunt us forever!) We failed primary Geography in our first year because of too many Thursday nights in the aptly named student night in 'Shag' and couldn't make lectures on Friday mornings!
We went to each others weddings, celebrated the births of our two children and try to get together every school holiday and for birthdays even though we live two and a half hours from each other. We are so lucky to have one of those very special friendships that mean we can just pick up the phone and just chat as though we only spoke yesterday, and that has never been as important as in these past 18 months.
Lynne and her family are so very important to us. Love ya babe x

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  1. Lovely photo with a lovely back story Emma! Friends are so important aren't they? I don't know where I would be without my girls!

    I am so sorry you couldn't link up yesterday, I am not sure what was happening? I know a couple of others were having problems too so maybe it was the clinky :(

    Hope you are well XXX