Sunday, 21 July 2013

Walton Park

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

I am linking up with Fiona from Country Kids From Coombe Mill, which is all about getting outside with the kids and having fun! That is something we love doing here and try and get out on a regular basis.

We spent a lovely couple of hours at Walton Park this morning. The weather was a bit cooler, which was not a bad thing. 
Ben amazed me with what he can do now. We haven't been here for a couple of months and the last time we were here he really struggled with climbing some of the more difficult pieces of equipment. Not now though, he was great!
We also went on the miniature steam trains that run here at the weekend. Great fun! The only thing missing was Megan, who is Brownie camp. It was lovely though to spend some one on one time with Ben and I think he really enjoyed having Mummy and Daddy to himself, something that never usually happens!

The climbing net posed no problems!
Faster Daddy!

Up and over the climbing wall!

Piggy back fun!

Hold tight!


  1. Some lovely photos. Looks like a great park with some different equipment to anything we've come across.

  2. What a great place Walton Park is, I can see Ben had a fab time with you both and it's so great to see our children grow with confidence and ability. I hope that Megan has a lovely time at camp and thanks for sharing your outdoor fun with Country Kids.

  3. Great photos! I love your little man's smile he looks to be having so much fun! It always gets to me when suddenly my wee man is doing something at the park he was not doing before!