Saturday, 31 August 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Ben

To My Special Little Man Ben,

Happy 4th Birthday Gorgeous Boy!!!

I can not believe you are 4! It really does only seem a few months ago since you were born.
1st September 2009 at 3.23pm.

I realised I was pregnant with you on Christmas day 2008. I hadn't done a test but I knew and I remember thinking that after the two miscarriages this was going to be third time lucky.
We were lucky to get an early scan at 8 weeks and you were fine.
Another scan at 12 weeks and then the next day I felt you move! Really early on, but definitely a flutter.
My 20 week scan arrived and we found out we were having a boy! Daddy was so pleased, I was really shocked as I thought I would have another girl, but with hindsight I should of known as my two pregnancies were so different. I remember asking the sonographer if she was right and she replied that there was no mistaking you were a boy!
I asked for a planned c section, after the complications with Megan and as my due date was 5th Sept my consultant wanted me to have a section on 29th Aug, but I asked if we could hang fire till the 1st September so you wouldn't be the youngest in your year, and also so our birthdays would only be two days apart.
We arrived early at the hospital on Tuesday 1st September very excited to meet you. The hospital was busy though so we didn't get to meet you until 3.23pm! All 7lb 7oz of you! Just perfect.
You were such a good baby. You didn't wake up for 8 weeks, you just slept and grew. Megan loved you so much and was a brilliant help, getting nappies and wipes and cuddling you.
We went to Kos when you were 10 months and you were an angel, you even learnt to crawl when we were there. You walked at 15 months and then you really came into your own, exploring and copying Megan and Jack.
As you have got older you have blossomed into a cheeky little boy who can be the best company and have me in stitches with your antics.
Your tantrums are hopefully becoming less and less, and your frustrations easing.
In just over a week you start nursery, and you are so ready. You can write your name, count to 20 and your eagerness to know what things say is becoming more and more apparent. I know you are going to love it and have so much fun.

So gorgeous boy, happy birthday, I love you so much.

Love from

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