Sunday, 11 August 2013

Knowsley Safari Park

Last Tuesday we had a brilliant day out at Knowsley Safari Park, for the Jungle Dogs launch. You can read all about that here.

I haven't been to Knowsley with the children for a couple of years (although I took a nursery and reception class a couple of months ago!) and Ben doesn't remember it as he was not quite 2 the last time we went.

I love Knowsley as the game drive is amazing and being able to see the animals in their habitats and roaming free is just amazing. 

Having been to Kenya on safari on my honeymoon, I can be quite particular about seeing 'caged' animals, but at Knowsley it isn't like that at all.

The lions are a big favourite of mine and we saw them very close up as they were wandering very close to the car!

Megan and Ben begged me to go through the monkey enclosure but I resisted and went the 'car friendly' route! I am very glad I did as we saw a few cars having their wipers pulled off!

The great thing about Knowsley is that once you have been around the driving part you can then explore the park by foot.
We saw the sea lion show which is always good fun. It is only about 15 minutes so it keeps the attention of even the littlest visitors.

We also visited the bug house and saw lots of creepy crawlies, like cockroaches, spiders and snakes!

We wandered to the elephants and giraffes, stopping for ice cream and a visit to Megans favourite animals, the Meerkats.

The camels spent ages blocking the road!
Another of my favourite animals.
The beautiful black rhino.


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