Friday, 9 August 2013

Toaster Review from Shoplet

The very lovely people at Shoplet sent us a new toaster to try out and review. This was great timing as our old toaster had started to be very temperamental in the last couple of weeks and was alternating between toasting and cremating one side of the bread!

When the toaster arrived we unwrapped it and set it to use straight away. 

Our new toaster!

The instructions said to put it on once, without any bread to let it complete a cycle first.

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Megan was very keen to try it and if anyone would be a good judge of how toast is toasted it is Megan! She would eat toast and cereal for every meal given half a chance (That and my roast chicken dinner!!!) As it is, she eats toast about twice a day, for breakfast and supper!

I set the toaster to number 3 as I could then decide whether it needed longer or shorter. As it was, this setting suited us, as it was toasted to our liking (nicely brown, but not overdone.)

Toast anyone???

The toaster is really easy to use, no complicated controls or fiddly knobs to work out.
As well as the dial for the number of minutes to toast, there are only 3 buttons, STOP, which is simply to pop the toast up before it finishes. DEFROST, which is to use if your bread has come straight from the freezer. This is a great idea as many people, including me, keep their bread in the freezer and get it out when they fancy a piece of toast. The third and final button is REHEAT which easily allows you to reheat your toast if you, like me, get side tracked with something else, just as the toast pops up!
The toaster also has a crumb tray that slips out easily to empty out the crumbs to keep the taoster in tip top condition.

The toaster has been going strong for just over a week now, and has already toasted countless pieces of bread! In comparison to my old toast it is great as I haven't burnt any yet! Joking aside,  I think the REHEAT and DEFROST buttons are a fab idea, and certainly make my life easier, especially on those mornings when there are a million things to do!

Fits nicely on my work surface!

Whilst having a look around the Shoplet site I was impressed with the variety of different products that you can purchase. On of these products was this multipurpose paper, which is a great price for the amount for paper there is. As we use loads of paper here, for printing and drawing, this may be what we need as this may just last us a few months! 

Have a look at Shoplet for a wide selection of things around your home!

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