Sunday, 29 December 2013

Hotel Chocolat Wreath Review

When I was asked whether I would like some chocolate to review I am sure you can guess my answer! Hell yes please!
Hotel Chocolat asked me to select one of their gorgeous chocolate selections and with it being Christmas I picked this very festive wreath.

This is how it is described on their website:

Inspired by one of the absolute classic flavour combinations of mellow 50% cocoa milk chocolate working in perfect harmony with nibbly cookies and hand cut florentines that beautifully balance the sweetness of the chocolate. Perfect for slicing and sharing with family and friends.

Sounds amazing!!!!

When it arrived it looked so yummy it was all I could do to not rip it open and eat it all by myself, but I thought I better at least show Megan, Ben and Mr W first!

The wreath was beautifully wrapped in a presentation box and bow.

We carefully opened it and ohhed and awwed over it for at least a minute before we couldn't resist any longer!

We broke into it and dug in....

What can I say, simply divine!The beautiful chocolate mixes so well with the crunchy biscuit to produce a lovely flavour.
The wreath is so thick that you really only need a small piece of it, although Mr W tried to eat all of it.....

Megan declared it the best thing ever and 'can we have another???' before she had even finished her small piece!

As I was seeing my sister, mum and auntie over the next couple of days I gave them a small piece to sample too and their opinions were an overwhelming YES!

Hotel Chocolat offers such a wide range of products and caters for all needs from diabetic, gluten free, nut free, vegan, dairy free, vegetarian, alcohol free and organic, that there really is something for everyone!

And if that wasn't enough to tempt you, they even have an end of season sale on so you can grab yourself a yummy bargain!

The quality of the wreath, the packaging and presentation made this a beautiful product to review and I would definatly recommend you have a look at their website for a present for someone or even a little treat like this  or this for yourself!!  Go on treat yourself!!!

We were sent this wreath free of charge, but all opinions are most definatly our own!!!

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