Sunday, 26 January 2014

Legoland and Car Building!

We were lucky enough to be invited to one of our favourite places, Legoland Discovery Centre, for us to have a fun day out, with an emphasis on making and racing the lego cars. How could we refuse that?!
Mr W and M and just recently, B too, all enjoy building and making with lego.

Legoland at the Trafford Centre has an area to make and play with lego cars.
In this area there are tubs of lego, wheels, axles and everything else you could possibly need to make your own vehicles.
Once you have done that there are ramps, big slopes and an electronic race track to test and play with your creations.

We had a great time making our own cars. Mr W and M, spent ages creating the perfect car, and B and I made a slightly more basic, but very adequate car of our own.

M and Mr W creating their ideal car.
B was desperate to get onto the electronic track.

B and his fab car!

On your marks..........
 This is a great idea as it has separate lanes for the cars and a countdown timer, which when it reaches 0 it releases the cars to race down the ramp.

Get set..................
GO GO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There were lots of children having fun there, and it was lovely to see them all coming together playing over the lego.


This area in legoland is really popular so we came and went a few times, whilst enjoying ourselves on the other rides.

Down the big ramp!

M and I went on Merlin's Apprentice a few times and B spent a lot of time on the lego racing cars. And I lost count of the number of times we went on the shooting ride! I think we are all agreed that is our favourite!
We went in the master builder and learnt how to make a lighthouse.
We visited the 4D cinema twice to see the two different films that were showing.
It was a non stop, fun packed afternoon and we stayed for a lot longer than we intended to do as we were having such a great time.
If you are on the lookout for a new car, before you take a trip to carcraft, why not pop along here and have a go at designing your own and customise it just how you would like it! And while you are at it, have an amazing day out too!

We were invited along to the Legoland Discovery Centre for a fun day out. All opinions are our own

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