Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Carcraft and Lego Challenge

Carcarft has come up with a great idea for bloggers to have a play and come up with their own lego scene.
With that in mind we were sent the Lego Diving Boat kit to construct and play with.

Ben, eager to get stuck in!

The first fun part was building the set. Megs is an expert and this now and Ben is getting the idea, so Mr W didn't have much to do!

Getting started.
Careful construction.

Making it look easy to do!

Once that was done, Megan and Ben got on with the fun part of playing!
They came up with an idea of searching for buried treasure that had been lost at sea and sent a happy hour diving to find the treasure (spare pieces of lego!)

The boat came off and got floated around and created a lot of fun.

Searching and diving.

Carcraft are: 
  • Why not take a look and see if anything takes your fancy???

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