Thursday, 3 April 2014

Turning 9

This week Megan turned 9 and I am in shock. 9!
Never mind megs growing up, when did I become grown up enough to have a 9 year old daughter?
This past year I feel she has really grown up. She has become very sensible and when in the right mood, will play so well with Ben. She really 'gets' him and knows how to handle him. On the flip side of this she also knows exactly which buttons to press that will send him into orbit too!
She has grown up in other ways too, ways in which I don't want her to.
When we are out, she doesn't want to hold my hand most of the time. Apparently it's not cool!

We have had a few girly chats about growing up, all signs of her getting older.
In some ways I love it. I love to fact that we are (fingers crossed) going to get closer and that I can be there for her through the coming years. Hopefully she will come to me with questions without any hesitation.
But in other ways I don't like it, this getting older business. My little girl, who used to snuggle on my knee, and beg for one more story, now likes to lie on her bed and read to herself.
But I am getting sidetracked.
The celebrations have lasted a good few day.
On Saturday we went for a day out at welly bobs with megs, Ben and 3 of megs friends for a pony experience. This was great fun. The kids had lots of turns of grooming the ponies, had pony rides, had a horse and cart ride and made some rosettes.
We then had the added bonus of spending the afternoon in welly bobs, having lunch, playing on the zip wire, feeding the animals, holding the smaller animals, playing in the hay tunnels and on the soft play and generally having a lovely day out.
On Sunday it was mothers day, so after my special presents we went to the crem with family, followed by lunch and a play at a local farm as the weather was so nice.
On Tuesday, megs actual birthday we went out for tea with Laura, Darren, nana and the kids which was a fab way to end the celebrations.
Megs was really pleased to get the monster high school as one of her presents and was delighted with the drawers full of crafty bits off nana too.
Happy 9th birthday gorgeous girl. I love you x

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