Sunday, 11 January 2015

Week 2 365

Week 2 has been a mad busy week. 
I have started a new job, now working 4 days a week so it's all go round here!

Day 4
Sunday 4th January 2015
Traditional Panto Day! 
We went to see Jack and the Beanstalk which was great fun. Lovely lunch beforehand.

Day 5
Monday 5th January 2015
New year, new job. I had a fab first day, meting new people, finding out new things. All good.

Day 6
Tuesday 6th January 2015
Early night after a busy couple of days at work!

Day 7
Wednesday 7th January 2015
Ben came home fron school having made a telescope! Very clever and creative. Well done Ben!!

Day 8
Thursday 8th January 2015
A very chilled Kitkat!

Day 9
Friday 9th January 2015
Art club, making stars with wishes in.

Day 10
Saturday 10th January 2015
Tired after a busy week. PJ's and slippers on!!


  1. Love it when the little ones bring home their fab school creations. I love that wishing star idea I might have to use that some time! Hope the new job is going well #project365

  2. cute pj's, I live in mine! currently wearing Mickey and Minnie ones x

  3. I love the stars and wishes idea! I am a teacher and my kids would love this.x

  4. I hope that the new job is going well. It's great to snuggle up in PJs at the end of a tiring day/week. That telescope is ace! #365

  5. Good luck in your new job, I hope you get used to 4 days soon. Beautiful cat just laying there :) and what a great idea for the kids to make a star and put wishes in, sounds like a good art club!

  6. Those stars are fabulous! and a cool telescope. Hope all goes well with your new job.

  7. Great photos! Those wishing stars look brilliant x

  8. Great photos! Those wishing stars are brilliant x

  9. Slipper are real cute.
    Looks like your children are very creative :)

  10. Love the telescope and stars! Good luck in your new job :) #project365