Monday, 3 September 2012

My birthday

Hot on the heels of Bens birthday is mine.  Since Ben arrived into my life 3 years ago my birthday feels like a bit of an extension to his, which is lovely for both me and him. Banners are up, balloons are floating around and birthday cards are everywhere.

The last 3 birthdays have mixed memories for me because as well as it being my birthday, it was the day, or more precisely, afternoon, I came home from hospital with Ben to start our new life as a family of 4.  But it was also the day Megan started reception and I wasn't there to take her and pick her up. Instead, her dad and nana took her and picked her up, which she loved, as it was a real treat, but I felt, and still do to some extent, really guilty it wasn't me doing it. I'm her mum and it should of been me taking my darling daughter to school on her first day. I saw the photos and she told me all about it and I don't think for one minute it bothered her, but its just one of those things that has nagged away in the back for my mind, that if I could change I would.

Saying all that, the afternoon that she started school, when I came home with her little brother, was when I realised how grown up she was.  Starting 'big' school and becoming a big sister all in one go!

So today I had a lovely birthday with lots of memories.  The sun was shining so I went with my mum, sister and all 4 kids to Heaton park. We took a picnic, bikes and scooters and had a fun filled afternoon playing in the park, rolling down hills (ben), and having ice cream.

I can't think of a better way to spend my birthday!

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