Monday, 15 October 2012

Manchester Aquatic Centre

Yesterday we all went to the aquatic centre. We have been once before, during the summer holidays and the children have been wanting to go back ever since.
There are two pools, although the big pool can be split to make two separate pools too. There is also two water slides but they have never been open when we have gone, (and I'm not sure whether Megan would be tall enough to go on either).
The smaller pool is ideal for younger children, and Ben really enjoys it.
It has one large and two small elephant slides, great for thrills when you are only 3! Water sprays are dotted around as well as little 'seats'.
And the best bit a small Jacuzzi, although Ben wasn't impressed with that, but me and megs were!
As it was Sunday afternoon it was 'fun play' so floats, rings and watering cans were around for the children to play with and lie on. There provided us with a good half hour of fun and floating play.

I really enjoyed the afternoon, and at £6.20 for the four of us, it was very good value.

The only down side was the parking. The aquatic centre car park is a multistorey situated across the road.
When you come out of the aquatic centre you can validate your ticket and have two hours parking for £1, which is very good value for money.
However we were there about 2 and half hours as getting to and from the car park with two children took about 10 minutes each way, add that to getting changed, pool time, showers, getting dressed, toilets etc, the list goes on! I actually think 2 and half hours was quite good really! But when we got back the parking was a whopping £4.10! I think that is way too much. What do you think? Am I being OTT?
Aside from that fleecing we had a great Sunday afternoon and will definitely be going back soon. (Although we might have to find somewhere else to park!)

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