Thursday, 25 October 2012

The gallery - books

This weeks gallery theme is books.

I love books. According to my mum, I didn't read till I was 7 so I was a bit of a late starter, but have certainly made up for it since!

I generally have a couple of books on the go, plus a gossipy mag and a food mag!

As a child, I loved Enid Blyton, they were so magical. The enchanted wood, the folk of the faraway tree and noddy.
As a teenager, I read sweet valley high, all Judy blume and sweet dreams to name a few.
At college I read shakespear, loved it and read more for fun. I raved to anyone who would listen about Romeo and Juliet!
When pregnant, I devoured anything remotely pregnancy related.

I remember going on beach holidays, to lots of remote Greek islands and literally taking 14 books, one for each day, and Mr w despairing of me and my heavy suitcases. Now I have a kobo e reader, so if I ever went on a Greeky beach holiday again (I hope so) I won't have that problem again. However, having two children will prevent me from reading more than one book whilst I'm away anyway!

And now as a mum I don't read as much as I used to and what I do read is 'light' and easy to read.
Chick lit, Janet Evanovich, Jilly Cooper and big favourites of mine, to name a few.

Wonderfully, both Megan and Ben seem to have developed my love of books and both have been read to from a very early age. They can often be found in their bedroom sitting reading, or in Bens case looking at pictures and making up his own stories. And yesterday I walked in and found Megan reading to Ben, a real heart melting moment.

These two pictures show the bookcases in my house. One is in my bedroom and is stuffed with loads of different books, fiction and non fiction, plus random things like my make up bag, baby wipes and various other bits and bobs. The other is in the childrens room, again stuffed to overflowing with picture books, rainbow fairies and Dora, plus my Enid Blytons! Fantastic!

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