Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas Meal with Friends

On Friday 21st the children finished school for Christmas. What better way to celebrate that going out with our friends.

This is a Christmas tradition that we have had since our oldest were born.
So for the last eight years we have been going with various numbers for children.
The first year it was just Suzanne, Kate and me with our three oldest, Megan, O and J. A couple of years later, Suzannes son, C and Kates daughter, A, joined the fun. Quickly followed the year after by Ben and finally, the year after by Suzannes daughter, M!
So now there are 10 of us for our Christmas get together, which always results in lots of laughter, fun and a few tears, usually by the younger members!
We had a great time although the place we were at, where we have been for a number of years, really let themselves down with a number of things, which I won't go into now as we have been offered another full meal for the ten of us and a full refund of this. However, if that doesn't go well, watch this space! I am hoping this was a one off as it usually provides very good service and we all enjoy it as there and there is a soft play area for the children to let off some steam and this year was the first time that the little ones were old enough to go by in themselves, (with us watching from the table,) which gave us mummies and opportunity to talk for five minutes uninterrupted, which is unheard of!

So Christmas is officially here!

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