Sunday, 9 December 2012

Christmas trees

Bens playgroup is connected to the church and every year they have a lit Christmas tree ceremony.

As Ben is in playgroup, and the playgroup have a tree there we went along this afternoon for a look. It was beautiful.

Lots of local groups, schools and charities have each decorated a tree in their own way, lights, ornaments reflecting their group or charity.

Playgroup had a tree with pictures of all the children at playgroup on it. Simple but very effective.

One tree in particular stood out for Megan. The memory tree. She wanted to fill in a label and pop it on the tree for nana Betty. Beautiful idea. The label read, "to nana betty. I love you and see you soon, love Megan." (We are going to visit her at the crem at Christmas.) It brought a real lump to my throat and again made me realise how thoughtful and wonderful my daughter is.

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