Monday, 3 December 2012

Happy 1st birthday Grace!

Yesterday was my niece Graces 1st birthday. I can't believe she is 1 and a whole year has passed since I saw her make her (very) speedy entrance to the world.

She is just beginning to walk now and becoming miss independent and shakes your hands off when you try to guide her!

Obviously being the youngest of the 4, the others all idolise her but Megan and Grace have really developed a special bond, probably because 'the boys' play their games together, currently wrestling or cars or jigsaws, and 'the girls' play together, girly things, toddling, or Megan showing Grace various toys and what to do with them.

For Graces birthday we went to Head Over Heels in Chorlton which is a play centre ideal for 0 to 10 years. The two big ones took Ben off into the structure and we didn't see them for about half an hour. Grace went into the smaller area, with activities to stimulate little minds. We had lunch, the dads had a play (hide and seek) and left worn out early afternoon.

Later on Laura and Darren had us round with Nana and Nana Christine to sing 'happy birthday'.

Mum had made a number 1 cake and after singing to Grace we all had a slice, and it was lovely.

Happy 1st Birthday Gracie B x

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