Sunday, 13 January 2013

Book 2 #50Books2013

This year I am linking up with Julie, Mama Owl for the #50books2013 challenge. You can link up here too, if you fancy a reading challenge.

Book 2

Letter From Chicago By Cathy Kelly

This was a book I downloaded onto my Kobo ages ago and never got round to reading.
Having now read it, it is right up my street. It is about an elderly lady called Elsie, who hasn't seen her sister for about 40 years as she moved to Chicago. During that time, they have wrote letters to one another, detailing their lives and families. What they both don't realise is that they have both been exaggerating the truth with regards to how successful everyone is. It all comes to light, but in a good way.
I really enjoyed this, but I do like Cathy Kelly books anyway.

Reading List

1. Winter Warmers by Carole Matthews (Kobo free download)
2. Letters From Chicago by Cathy Kelly (Kobo download)


  1. Ah that sounds like my cup of tea too. Gosh you're doing well so far!

    1. Try it! I'm not doing well, need to speed up otherwise will never make 50! x