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Guest Post - Around the world in 80 miles – world food for family car journeys

This is a guest post.

Around the world in 80 miles – world food for family car journeys

Do your kids wilt at the prospect of a long car journey?  
If so, why not perk them up by treating them to food with a travel theme? 
Eat your way around the world in 80 miles and keep your kids content at the same time.

Spanish tapas

Dispense with soggy sandwiches. Instead, serve crunchy crackers and oat biscuits accompanied by cuts of cooked meats, cheeses and olives. Keep meals light to avoid car sickness – try adding plenty of sliced vegetable sticks and finish off with a tropical fruit salad. Kids will love experimenting with different food combinations.

Always store strongly flavoured foods in separate containers, and keep any perishable foods fresh in a cooler bag or box.

The Italian job

Add a little bit of Neapolitan flair to your lunchtime stop by feasting the Italian way. Homemade pizza is a healthy, cost-effective way to fill up a family on the move. As a traditional Italian street food, pizza is authentic fare for travellers.  

Keep kids included in the journey preparations by encouraging them to join in the baking. Little ones will enjoy choosing their own toppings and look forward to tasting their creations.

Serve up a basil and tomato side salad in a Tupperware or recycled takeaway box, for a tasty and refreshing snack.

Vive la France

If you think that a baguette and cheese is the only delight on a Gallic travel menu, think again. Absolutely delicious and thoroughly portable, the tarte flambée is a traditional peasant food originating from Alsace in the east of the country. It combines a pizza-like base with a topping of crème fraiche, onions and thin strips of bacon called lardons.

Try making one at home in a hot oven – the BBC have a recipe here

Sushi box

Sushi is a great light bite for a car journey. There are just so many styles and flavours to choose from and, of course, you can always experiment with your own ingredients.

Owing to the worries of car travel, you should probably replace raw fish with cooked, or go vegetarian. Try delicious Californian rolls dusted with sesame seeds, containing cooked tuna and avocado.

On cold winter days, to complete your Japanese snack you could accompany sushi with warming miso soup in a non-spill cup.

It’s a wrap

The Mexican tortilla dates back to at least 3000 BC, when the people of the Sierra Madre first produced maize. The corn tortilla was a staple of the Aztecs and continues to be the food of choice for many Mexicans.  

The beauty of a wrap is that you can put whatever you like in it. For an authentic Aztec experience go for a wrap based around Mexican beans or  turkey, with a fresh fruit wrap for dessert.

Remember the essentials

Making sure your family has fresh and tasty food to last the whole car journey is key to having a stress-free trip. Make sure that you also have effective car insurance for real peace of mind.


Author Bio:
Liam Williams writes for the Sainsbury’s Money Matters blog . In his spare time he enjoys motoring and organic gardening

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