Sunday, 10 February 2013

365 Project Week 6

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I am taking part in the 365 photo challenge for 2013, linking in with The Boy And Me.
You can join in here.

I will add pictures each week.

365 Project

Week 6

Day 34

We went to Lymm Dam for a lovely wintery walk.
It looks sunny here, but it was really cold! We took the ducks some lunch and tried to avoid the swans!
If you would like you can read more of this here.

Day 35

On Monday, Ben discovered Cbeebies on my mum's laptop and has wanted to be on it ever since!
At the time I wasn't sure why he wanted to wear his hat, he kept saying he was cold! I know know this was because he was coming down with a nasty chest infection, that resulted in a ridiculously high temp and a trip to out of hours on Tuesday night.

Day 36

Ben has been focusing on 'Room on the Broom' at playgroup and he painted this super cat from the story! I think he had just a tiny bit of help! No matter what he is very proud of it!

Day 37

I had a poorly boy at home today, who spent the day in his jammies. He is playing with all the Peppa Pig bits here.

Day 38

Megan was making things for Chinese New Year at Brownies tonight. She made this lovely hat and a lantern. They look great!

Day 39

It was the Valentine's School Disco tonight. Here are the three giddy kippers before they went in!
We had a lovely time, lots of dancing and jumping, hot dog eating. As part of my PTA role I was supervising and  tidying up afterwards. I was having a joke with Jack not to go with any girls into dark corners and certainly no kissing! He didn't find me amusing!

Day 40

Megan must be going through a growth spurt at the moment! Here, she is sat on the kitchen side munching her way through the contents of my cupboard!
What with the make up and this I feel like she has turned into a teenager 5 years too early!!!


  1. Love Megan's Chinese hat from Brownies! Hope Ben is feeling better now, there's a lot of nasty bugs and infections around, it's all this cold weather - bring on spring and sunshine!

    1. The hat is great isn't it? Ben seems to be on mend but has still got a bad cough so will see how he goes x

  2. fantastic pictures! looks like a super busy week!

  3. Lovely photos. That hat is great isn't t?? My LO has been doing room on the broom too and made a rather good dragon

    1. Ah lovely, its a great book. Megan was pleased with her hat, its lovely x

  4. Please can I have a contact email address - if you could email this to I would appreciate it as I would like to get in touch. Many thanks.