Sunday, 19 May 2013

Book Review #7 #50BooksIn2013

This year I am linking up with Julie, Mama Owl for the #50books2013 challenge. You can link up here too, if you fancy a reading challenge.

Anyone who knows me will confirm I am an avid reader, Mr W used to complain when my holiday suitcase contained at least 14 books (one for everyday we were away!) Since having children though, it has been harder to maintain this hobby as I am usually too tired to read now!

So this will be a challenge, but a fun and hopefully relaxing one too!

Book 7

Adventures in Love, Life and Infertility By Leah Campbell

I have been following Leah's blog Single Infertile Female in Alaska for about 6 months now. As with all good blogs, when you start to follow one, you have a delve back to previous posts, to find out a bit more about the person blogging. Leah's story and her struggle with infertility and the routes she had taken to try to overcome this, was one I wanted to find out about, so when she published her book I was really pleased for her. I was even more excited when it was put on Amazon, free to download to your kindle for the weekend! Not having a kindle though (I am a Kobo girl!) I looked in the play store for my phone and found I could download a free kindle app! Problem solved! I downloaded the app, downloaded the book and was away.

This years challenge to read #50booksin2013 is going quite badly.
I am really glad I am doing the challenge as it is reminding me to take more time to read, which is one of my most favourite things to do, but I just don't have enough time. Family time obviously comes first, I have been working a bit more than usual and everything else, pick ups from different places, governor meetings, PTA meetings, blogging and housework have gotten in the way of me reading!
However, I made a real effort to read this, and I am so glad I found the time to do so. It gave me a real insight into what Leah has had to cope with medically, personally and in the desire to become a mum. She tells her story truthfully and without frills and that is what makes is such a good read.
Anyone who follows Leah on Twitter,  Facebook or reads her blog will know that Leah has recently and very unexpectedly found herself to be a new mum to Cheeks. I am made up for her that her dream has come true, but so pleased that she published her book to highlight others who are going through the same thing, to give hope and to realise sometimes, without us realising it, our happy ever after is just around the corner.

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