Wednesday, 26 June 2013

I Fancy A Cruise

As many of you will know we are really into camping here in the Wright household.
The fact that I really do enjoy camping came as a huge shock to me, as I never thought I would!
But our tent is that well equipped now that we 'glamp', more than 'camp!' (Note the toilet, which I didn't want (but now couldn't imagine not having!)) The heater, and our very new addition of camp beds!
Camping though, is a relatively new way of holidaying for us. We have only been doing it for about six years, since Megan was about two. Before that, myself and Mr W spent a number of years holidaying in Greece, either on our own or with my parents.
We love Greece. We have been to loads of the islands, with Andros, Thassos and Kefalonia being just a few of our favourites. My idea of heaven is lying on a beach, and simultaneously watching the world go by and people watching whilst tanning a gorgeous brown colour!
Having children has put a bit of a hold on this type of holiday, hence the fact we go on camping holidays. Not that I am complaining, or not much...!
However, I have been thinking of ways to combine my love of sunning myself, whilst keeping the children busy and seeing a bit more of beautiful Greece.
With that in mind I started thinking of a cruise. A couple of our family members have been on a few cruises and came home raving about it. They loved the ships themselves, which were the height of luxury and especially the stop offs in different places and having the opportunity to experience a number of different cultures and countries with tourist 'hot spots' to explore and find out about.
I remember asking whether they got bored of being on the ship all the time and they told me it was like being on holiday in a resort or a restaurant or bar anywhere. There are swimming pools to sunbathe round, different activities to join in with, if you would like to, and importantly in my opinion, a choice of places to eat and drink, and, depending on the type of cruise you pick, it can be as formal (or not) as you want it to be.
Children are entertained too by qualified childcare experts in the kids clubs, so that would give me a small window of opportunity to get started on my tan!
Lots of cruise holidays travel to a number of different places in and around Europe in one holiday and some of them focus specifically on one area, for example Greece. There are a couple of different cruises that take in places in Greece that we haven't visited yet, but would be on my 'places to go' list as they would be amazing to visit. Or would it be nice to return to a favourite island, like Santorini that we would just love to go back to???
Decisions, decisions!

Have you been on a cruise? What did you think? Would you recommend one? And if so where?!

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