Monday, 22 July 2013

Swimming Fun!

When we were camping in Tenby we were so lucky with the weather. I know I keeping talking about it to anyone who will listen, but the weather made our camping trip this Whit holiday, and after last year and the fact we nearly got washed away and the tent blew down, I think we deserved it!

One of the best things with having fab weather was the fact that we were able to go to the beach LOTS, and into the on site pool, without freezing! The kids loved it and so did I. Spending a day on the beach is probably one of my most favourite things to do.

Megan is 8 now and over the past five years we have spent a fortune on swimming lessons, but she can now swim. I am confident that if the need arose and she fell into water by accident, she would be able to react accordingly to get herself out of difficulty.

However, we are now at the same stage with Ben now. I am looking into swimming lessons for him, for when he turns 4 in September and with this in mind I was looking into ways to keep him safe in water for now as he is getting very independent
One of the things that caught my eye was this swim suit that would be ideal for supporting Ben in the water, whilst giving him the freedom to move around easily. It comes in two different ages so the bigger one would great.

One thing Ben isn't too keen on is the water getting in his eyes so these goggles would be great.

With the weather continuing to be beautiful, we have headed to the beach a couple of times. Whilst we have been there I have been incredibly conscious of making sure that Megan and Ben have had enough sun cream on and that I have reapplied it every hour. These sun protection suits are are great idea for keeping children covered and cool and protecting vulnerable skin at the same time.

So considering all of this I was really pleased that this site offers a good choice in water safety aids and skin protection suits and all with an added bonus of delivery from only £1!

Looks like Ben will be sorted out until he can learn to swim! I best just get booking those swimming lessons for September...

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