Sunday, 11 August 2013

Jungle Dogs at Knowsley Safari Park

Last week we went to Knowsley Safari Park to experience a new product launch of a new type of hotdog, Jungle Dogs.

Both Megan and Ben were very excited as they love Knowsley and are quite big fans of hotdogs.

Ready for lunch!
Like most mums, I do feel a bit guilty for feeding them hotdogs as we all know they are not made from the best quality products.

But that is where jungle dogs are different.
The nutritional bit...
They are made from 85% meat, which is substantially more meat than their biggest rival, none of which is mechanically recovered meat.
Now doesn't that remove a lot of the guilt?!

They are very tasty and made from quality cuts of pork, which is naturally smoked.
The launch took place in a room that had a 'jungley' theme, with activities for the children, such as colouring and activity mats.

Jungle dog sandwiches.
We were able to sample the jungle dogs in different recipes.

Jungle dog kebabs...Bens favourite!
We tried jungle dogs and vegetable kebabs, wraps with jungle dogs and salad, salami wrapped jungle dogs and pasta jungle dogs.
Jungle dog wraps...yummy.
Salami wrapped jungle dogs.

Megan's favourite were the wraps, and I really liked the pasta! And in true Ben style, he ate all the veg first!

Tina O Brian was there, with her daughter and she seemed to be having fun trying out the products too.
Fab goody bags!
The children all got given their own goody bags, containing fab bits from Grafix as well as jungle dogs merchandise and to Megan and Bens delight, a kangaroo onesie each which apparently is "the best thing ever!"
(And they wore them all around Knowsley!)
Our goody bags and jungle dogs cool bags.
Yummy looking jungle dog pizza!
When we got home, I had a good look through the goody bags and loved the recipe cards that were in there. Megan can't wait to make the jungle dogs pizza!
Recipe cards.

Jungle dogs are on sale now and are sold in conveniently sized packets of 6 hotdogs, which are just right for small tummies!

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