Sunday, 3 November 2013

Christmas is just around the corner!

Winter has pretty much arrived. I think winter is quite possibly one of my favourite seasons. I love the cold, icy air and the frosty mornings. The only thing I don't like is the rain, that just depresses me!

With the arrival of winter comes my most exciting time of the year....Christmas!
I love Christmas and I love the fact that we are creating our own fabulous traditions here in the Wright household.
Just this week we started our very first bit of preparation for Christmas....soaking the fruit in brandy ready for our Christmas cake!

Soaking the fruit in brandy!

 Both Megan and Ben helped to do this and we all made a wish while we were doing it!

Making a Christmas wish!
Now is the time for me to start thinking of what Father Christmas *may* be bringing the children. Although I have already picked up a few bits and bobs throughout the year, of things I know they will like.

We always have a real Christmas tree, I love the smell of them, and that is just part of Christmas for me. This leads me onto another Christmas tradition that we have.... usually the first weekend in December we go and pick our tree. This always takes a while as it can be very difficult to find just the RIGHT tree! It has to be just bushy enough but not too bushy that it will take up the whole room! Just tall enough but not too tall that we have to lob loads off!

Then comes the best bit! Decorating the tree and putting up the decorations. We have lots of tree decorations and as we are decorating, we talk about where we got them from and what they mean to us. Both Megan and Ben have baubles with their names on and I have already got a brilliant collection of hand made decorations that will be on my tree for many years to come!

Rush on November, lets get to December!!!

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