Saturday, 10 November 2012

Girls night out

Me and two of my very special friends, s and k went on a long overdue night out last night.

Although we see each other regularly and have a day out every school holidays, it is with kids in tow, and you know what that means.  Every conversation gets interpreted by the cries of, 'mum', and by the time you have dealt with whatever crisis has arisen you can't remember what you were saying.

So last night we drank cocktails, wine and too much vodka. We laughed, caught up and generally got giggly and loud. We danced to 80's and 90's music, (think tiffany and Brian Adams), much to s's disgust!
We ended up in an old man's pub, where we were the youngest in there by at least 15 years, where k was determined to see the band perform, (we lasted 10 seconds from when they came on!).

And we had a fantastic time and remembered why we are such good friends, aside from being mums with kids the same age.  Because a good laugh and a hug from best friends can mean the world.

Just a shame we all paid for it today though!

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