Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The gallery - Autumn

I love Autumn. I love the colour of the leaves. I love the way the leaves crunch underfoot. I love going out with the children hunting for conkers and acorns. I love wrapping up warm and braving it outside. I love lying in bed listening to the rain. I love the Autumn sun creating long shadows. And dare I say it, I love the dark nights.

This weeks gallery is Autumn. I have picked this picture from a couple of weeks ago when we went out on a gorgeous Autumny morning. The sky was bright blue, the sun was shining, the shadows long and it was freezing so we were all wrapped up. We walked along the brook, found a hidden rope swing and had a cold half hour at the park.


  1. Walking is perfect for this time of year - I love the sun streaming through the trees :)

    1. It's just lovely, isn't it? really beautiful, although a pain when driving!

  2. Ordinary Words...The transition from summer to fall to winter is just too quick♪

  3. I love walks in the woods with the kids

  4. This one is from our house and it is lovely. and leads us to the park, bonus.