Monday, 26 November 2012

Letters to Father Christmas

Yesterday we decided to write to Father Christmas. We had planned this a couple of weeks and last Sunday when we were out shopping we bought special paper, stickers and a special pencil.

Megan decided about a month ago that she wanted a tablet. She initially asked for an Ipad, but we talked about it and I explained that there were lots of suitable 'tablets' around that worked in a very similar way and she was happy with that idea.

Ben has wanted his own ds for months now. He has played on Megans a few times and is really quite good. And Megan has very kindly said that he can have some of her games that are too young for her now! Peppa pig and Dora!

So we went round to my mums and wrote the letters. My sister went round with her two as well.

Megan very carefully copied her pre written list out:

Slush puppy maker
Badge maker
Sticker maker
Nail salon
Make up
Lego friends
Princess barbie and the Popstar

Ben got very excited cutting pictures out of the Argos catalogue to stick on his list:

Mario kart
Diego game
Pirate ship
Angry birds game

So now Father Christmas just needs to decide what they will get!

Megan, Ben, Jack and Grace also decided to do secret Santa between themselves.

Megan picked out Jack
Ben picked out Grace
Jack picked out Ben
Grace picked out Megan (which Megan was delighted about!)

They are each going to spend £2 on a secret present for each other!

Us adults (me, Martin, Laura, Darren, mum, dad and for the first time this year, auntie Lynne) also sorted out our secret Santa. We send £5 on our gifts and are not allowed to buy food or drink. We have done this for a while now as it saves so much money but is also great fun.

Getting very excited now!

Ben and I posted the letters today, so fingers crossed for a reply in a few weeks!

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