Friday, 5 April 2013

Photo of the Week Week 14

Team Lloyd

Photo Of The Week

I am linking up with Louise from Team Lloyd for Photo Of The Week. Louise will post a linky on her blog for us to link our photos up. If you fancy joining in, click here.

It is an opportunity to capture a special moment from the whole week, something that happened, something that you saw or something that you want to remember.

Week 14

My beautiful daughter was 8 this week! 8!!! How on earth did that happen???

I can vividly remember the day she was born. My waters broke just after 6am on the 1st April 2005, 5 days overdue. Thankfully I was in the bathroom as there was a bit of a gush! Because of the day it was, Mr W thought I was joking! Not long after my contractions started and hospital asked me to go in to see what was happening as 48 hours earlier I was already 3cm dilated with no labour pains whatsoever! After being assessed I was pleased to find I was 4cm and as the TENS wasn't doing too much, I had an epidural which was great. Mr W and my sister were with me and the day passed quite uneventfully until I was fully dilated at  about 6pm. After this I was pushing for about 2 hours with not much progress and at this point it all went a bit pear shaped. Megan's heart rate was dropping considerably, mine was racing far too much, doctors were called, the room filled with people and an emergency c section was decided on. Within minutes I was in theatre, epidural topped up, Mr W in scrubs and signing (scrawling,) my life away (giving my consent,) with the doctor waiting with a raised scalpel. It was probably the most terrifying moment in my entire life and the main reason I opted for a planned c section with Ben.
Moments later, my beautiful daughter, Megan Ellie was born at 9.49pm, weighing 8lb 2oz and my life changed forever as I became a mum.
Not long after my poor sister, who had no idea what was happening, got to meet her niece and our new life as a family began! 


  1. happy birthday!! the years pass so very quickly don't they

  2. Lovely hope you all had a great celebration with lots of cake!
    It's scary how fast the time flies in!

  3. Happy Birthday. She looks beautiful.

  4. This cake looks so yummy!

    Happy birthday :)

  5. Happy Birthday! Chocolate cake on your birthday is the best!

  6. Oh HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! What a yummy birthday cake too :) A beautiful little lady XX

    Thank you for linking up with Photo of The Week XX

  7. Happy Birthday!! Hope it was a great day!